MANIFESTOS VERDICT Fishing for Leave has always striven to remain party neutral and to work with any and all MPs from across the political spectrum. So long as they are committed to delivering true British Independence which allows the regaining … Read More

Will the North Devon Fishing Industry Survive?

The piece below was transcribed from an interview with Scott Wharton – owner of S&P Trawlers in North Devon – by prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) Dawn Westcott. It is unusual for all but a minority of politicians to sit down … Read More

Will Manifestos Deliver On the Acid Test of Brexit?

Fishing has always been a clear-cut issue that easily encapsulates this country’s membership of the EU. It is therefore an acid test of whether Brexit has been meaningfully delivered. How a political party answers certain questions is a clear indication … Read More

Not Much Has Changed – The Deal Is Still Dire

Not Much Has Changed – The Deal Is Still Dire We congratulate the PM and governments commendable efforts. However they DO NOT negate that the deal is still far from good enough. The new Provisions on Northern Ireland create a … Read More