Remain are LYING to UNDERMINE Taking Back Control of fishing.

Remain are LYING to UNDERMINE Taking Back Control of fishing.

Remainers say British Fishermen SOLD Britain’s quota to the EU! This is total deliberate disinformation being recirculated by Remain to deliberately undermine taking back control of fishing.

British fishermen DID NOT sell the 60% of quotas the EU robs directly to member states. The EU robbed this from Britain under EU Relative Stability shares!

EU owned but UK registered ‘Flagships’ were then FORCED on the UK by the ECJ in the Factortame case!

These EU ‘Flagships’ companies then bought into Britain’s measly share. Muscling out British family fishermen struggling with the initial loss of 60% of our resources under Relative Stability.

Remain should be ashamed the EU deliberately engineered this asset stripping! Not peddling half a story to suit their agenda, whilst missing out the EUs guilt.

Not shamefully crowing at British fishermen who were broken hearted at being left with little option but being forced to sell to EU companies as the British industry collapsed from EU robbery!

To rectify this historic wrong to pass the “acid test” of Brexit the government MUST;

• Automatically take back control of our resources by NOT rolling over current Relative Stability shares when the CFP “ceases to apply” at the end of the Transition.

• Reinstate Mrs Thatcher’s 1988 ‘Economic Link’ to ensure foreign owned Flagships behave as though genuinely British by delivering genuine economic benefit to their host country.

All UK vessels must be 60% British owned, 60% British crewed and land, sell AND process 60% of their catch in British ports.

Failure to do this will see all EU boats excluded from British waters slipping through the back door by re-registering as “British” as many are already looking to do. This Loophole MUST be closed by the Fisheries Bill!