FFL Launches Publications Page

Fishing for Leave have uploaded and publicised nearly all the written documentation the group has produced thus far, aside from the latest submissions to the government which we hope to upload soon. To Download these PDF documents for free, Visit; … Read More

Stop CFP Being Adopted into UK Law post-Brexit.

PETITION TO SIGN AND SHARE A petition demanding the Government Must Not Adopt and Continue the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) into UK law is currently at 40,500 signitures. Fishing for Leave ask everyone in the industry to sign – https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/204098 … Read More

FFL Evidence To EFRA Select Committee.

FFL have submitted our written evidence to the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee. In response to the Select Committees request FFL have detailed in brief to MPs the essential primary points needed in the Fisheries … Read More

Wetherspoon’s Backs Fishing for Leave Campaign

Pub operator JD Wetherspoon has today issued a new beer mat (Monday December 3) highlighting its support for the British fishing industry and also accusing business leaders of misleading the public on Brexit. The 500,000 beer mats will be in use … Read More

FFL Attend Launch of UK2020 Fisheries Paper

Fishing for Leave were delighted to attend the third Brexit Seminar in Westminster with Owen Paterson, Michael Gove, John Redwood, Bill Cash and other leading Brexiteers. Especial thanks to the organisers to be provided the opportunity to speak on the … Read More

Time to wake up, smell the fish, and really take back control

Fiona MacInnes On Why it’s time to wake up, smell the fish, and really take back control Fiona MacInnes looks at Scotland’s fishing industry and argues that, post-Brexit, the industry is either heading for total corporate domination that will exhaust … Read More

Government Admits Brexit In Name Only

The Prime Minister admitted on the 12th Oct that the CFP would be part of a transition and today ( Thurs. 26th Oct.) – in an answer to labours Ben Bradshaw – Minister George Eustice confirmed that Britain would leave … Read More

A UK Policy Vital Not Remaining through Devolution

Fishing for Leave blasted, but are not surprised, at the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) statement that they believe power over fisheries should be entirely devolved to Holyrood post-Brexit. “The SFF argue that the Scottish government is best placed to decide … Read More