MPs Grave Concern On Withdrawal Bill

MP for South Thanet Craig MacKinlay highlighted in Parliament that adopting all EU laws into domestic legislation with the EU Withdrawal Bill, such as the disastrous Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), gives grave cause for concern over legal challenges from the … Read More

A Productive Meeting With CEFAS

Four members of Fishing for Leave had another successful, high-level government meeting after accepting the invitation to Lowestoft to meet with Cefas. Fishing for Leave detailed how the group’s proposed discard free British version of effort control would work. Where … Read More

Lowestoft Assessment on DEFRA Meet

June Mummery of Lowestoft Market Auctioneers BFP Eastern gives a frank and heartfelt assessment of East Anglia fishermens feelings following a meeting with civil servants from DEFRA. Our honest feeling was there is no passion from DEFRA. No desire to … Read More

Secretary of State Visits FFL in North Shields

Fishing for Leave met Secretary of State Michael Gove again when he accepted the invitation to spend a full day in North Shields for a port visit and presentation on future sustainable management under a Days-at-Sea system. He visited a … Read More

FFL Give the Spaniards a Brexit Perspective

One of the main Spanish industry newspapers, Industrias Pesqueras, recently asked Fishing for Leave to give the Spanish industry a British Industry perspective on Brexit and what it means for future relationships with the continent. How did the organization come … Read More

Michael Gove’s comments are astonishing & disappointing.

Secretary of State Michael Gove’s comments to the Danish fishing industry are astonishing and disappointing. His comments indicate the government would allow the EU to retain the current shares of resources and access to UK waters given under the EU … Read More

Faroes Islands keep Days-at-Sea instead of Quotas

The Faroese Governments proposal to make relatively dramatic changes to the laws regulating fisheries in Faroe Islands will not go ahead. A proposal from the Government to adopt Quotas for the largest vessels in the Faroese fleet has been discussed … Read More

FFL Blasts EU Calls to Pirate Fish British Waters

The EU chief negotiator tweeted that nothing would change regards EU fishing as Britain begins the process of re-establishing her fishing rights in preparation for leaving the EU. With the head of the European Fishermens Alliances also stating that EU … Read More

Misrepresenting the London Convention

FFL Blasts Misinformation on the London Convention. Despite FFL detailing this convention there’s a huge level of false information on the ramifications of this Convention. The response of the EU and the media being deliberately misleading. The government will now … Read More