Trading away our heritage

The events that took place concerning the British living marine resource possibly ranks as one of the worst atrocities the political establishment have inflicted on their own countrymen, writes John Ashworth.

How could such a mess be instigated, that our fishing rights were surrendered?

One man, Prime Minister Ted Heath was in such a hurry to join the EEC, and to give a calendar year’s notice to quit EFTA, that nothing was going to stand in the way.

He lied to Parliament and the electorate and, in order to pass the Act to join the EEC, bullied his way by threatening to dissolve Parliament.

The antics are so similar today under Prime Minister David Cameron — everything rushed through before the electorate understand what is happening, constant scare stories, and not saying what happens next.

In 1972 if Heath had only joined forces with the Norwegians, and negotiated for a few months longer, he would have secured an opt-out (a permanent exemption) from the 1970 fisheries regulation that created the Common Fisheries Policy that contained those few horrific words “Member States shall ensure in particular equal conditions of access

He did not, and instead he signed the death sentence for the British peoples’ living marine resource, and the British Fishing Industry and communities that relied upon that resource.


The rules for joining the EU are very clear: a new Member has to accept all EU legislation in force up to the point of membership application.

This EU legislation is known as the French words “acquis communutaire” meaning the acquired material of the Community — very appropriate as once established, never given back.

Again, just a few words have tremendous implications, equal access – starts the eradication of our Nation by handing British territory to the EU and acquis communautaire – once taken from the independent nation into the clutches of the EU, never handed back.

That is why “reform” of the EU is nigh impossible, because the system is so designed that you can’t reform other than to speed up the end game – the United States of Europe.

Why fisheries is such an important subject in this referendum is because it shows, very clearly, the deception that takes place, which begs the question, if the EU is so good to remain in, why such deception?

  1. The truth is always concealed from the people;
  2. The EU’s objectives are advanced slowly and by stealth, so the people don’t notice;

3 As long as the EU objectives are achieved, no one cares about the environmental or human tragedy being created.

Where does this leave British fishermen?

Until the integration process is over, and every European Nation is a member of the EU, the squeeze on our fishermen will continue, and the EU’s Fishery management policy will remain driven by the politics of integration before any other consideration.

Remaining in the CFP is a step into darkness.

Leaving the EU gives Britain back her previously hard-won independence and, as a result, British fishermen control of their own futures and destinies.

We have the chance — probably the only one — to escape an unfolding tragedy and in doing so, preserve a great nation and a great industry for future generations to prosper.