Theresa Mays Speech – Will British Fishing Be Betrayed in Brexit?

Fishing for Leave welcomes Theresa Mays speech, however, although much of the rhetoric played to the gallery of “Brexit means Brexit” it was disconcerting that there appears to be a multitude of escape holes and exit clauses beneath the veneer.

Of greater concern is there was no mention of the fishing industry – although a small industry it is one the government could utilise to show it’s resolve on “taking back control of our borders” and “ending the authority of EU law” – therefore why not mention what could be a beacon for Brexit?

The governments grand strategy is its proposal to adopt the entire Acquis Communautaire (all EU law) into domestic legislation for continuity with the Great “Repeal” Bill.  As this would continue the disastrous Common Fisheries Policy of Equal Access to UK waters and EU Quota share outs of UK resources the government must make fisheries an exemption from this.

If it does not, then the EU will have recourse under international treaty law and the Vienna convention on treaties to argue that the UK adopted the CFP so should still abide by its terms and conditions.

Fishing for Leave fears that fishing is an insignificant inconvenience to this grand strategy of continuing EU law into UK law and therefore will be ignored or bartered away a second time and this is why there is a steely silence on an issue, and industry, that could be a beacon for Brexit.

The governments professes that it will scrap the failed CFP immediately but if it intends to do so why run the risk of diplomatically nailing their feet to the floor by adopting it?

Fishing for Leave has been fighting vociferously to stop the CFP being adopted for political convenience and vested interests. To ensure the opportunity of a clean slate under Article 50 is not squandered by adopting any element of the CFP and that a new fit for purpose UK policy is implemented.

As detailed by Fishing for Leaves recent report taking back our fishing waters could be worth £6.3 billion and tens of thousands of jobs. Will the government squander this to appease the EU or have the courage to make this “acid test” of Brexit and use fishing as a beacon for its success?