Has Thereason Mays Speech Blown Brexit?

If confirmation was ever needed that the majority of the Tory party and the globalist establishment does not want to leave the EU then Theresa Mays Speech in Florence should be it.

It amounts to seeing the status quo re-badged for an unspecified “transitional” period, rather than taking the opportunity of Brexit to implement decent UK laws and forge our own better direction in the world.

It leaves Britain wide open to being in the same position in 2 years as now, trapped in purgatory.

Monsieur Barniers speech on the 21st of September in Rome was clear and precise compared to Mrs May in Florence. Her speech is little more than a national embarrassment of running the white flag up the negotiating pole.

It is becoming clearer that Mr Barnier has reason to be exasperated at the infantile naivety at the Conservative negotiating team.

With Mrs Mays eluding to the illusion that there is a friendship or special relationship in the hope that ultimately the EU political project will accede to the UK governments hope of having and eating its cake.

This continues a wilful self-deceit as to the true nature of the EU – it is a ruthless political union with a fundamental structure that is a ratchet to ever closer union which cannot be altered –  you are either in or out.

The policy position adopted of hoping to gain a deal through appeals to friendship only appeases the EU and no one domestically.

Going by the Florence speech what Theresa May seems to want is friends with benefits.


Worryingly the speech demolishes a strong position and and now prostrates Britain in negotiations.

The EU, Mr Barnier and Article 50 are clear;

“On the 29 March 2019, the UK will leave the EU and will become a third country….Without a withdrawal agreement, there is no transition. This is a point of law.”

Britain will be out of the EU in April 2019. The only way to have a transitional agreement is if the EU agrees. As Mr Barnier stated below any extension past the Article 50 cut-off date can only happen if the UK effectively re-joins the EU to get it.

”I would like to be very clear: if we are to extend for a limited period the Acquis of the EU, with all its benefits, then logically this would require existing Union regulatory, budgetary, supervisory, judiciary and enforcement instruments and structures to apply

“The UK would have to comply to all EU courts and national courts have the possibility – or even the obligation – to refer questions related to the interpretation of rights deriving from European law to the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ). The Court of Justice would remain the ultimate guarantor of the agreement.”

Mr Barnier has made it crystal clear that during any transitional period, we would still be in the EU in all but name and to do so Britain will have to have to abide and re-accede to the Acquis Communautaire (all EU law).
The Acquis which the government is conveniently trying to adopt into domestic legislation with the Withdrawal Bill – including the CFP.

The stated intention is to keep legislative conformity to avoid an imaginary cliff edge but is it also to allow continued close alignment with the EU?


By appealing for a transitional agreement that is only in the EUs power to gift, Instead of being able to walk away under the premise of “no deal is better than a bad deal”, the government has blown itself wide open.

For a transitional agreement the EU can now demand blind obedience to anything it wants including a continuation of the CFP for continued access to Britain’s rich fishing grounds.

Usually in a negotiation you only concede for something in return… we have conceded everything to get more of the same!

This speech marks the start of Britain’s fishing and coastal communities been sacrificed again as the establishment licks the EUs feet in prostration.



There are no such things as cliff edges – there are changes in direction and, as in any situation, it is only the best can be made of each situation with resolve and grit to do so.

The excuse that the establishment cannot implement replacement legislation in 2 and a half years does not stand up to scrutiny. If the establishment cannot do this then they are not fit to govern.

When the government wants to move it can… if there was an issue with refugees, gay rights, globalist interventions in the middle east, or other subjects close to the metropolitan elites hearts, legislation would be enacted at break neck speed.

Brexit provides a terrific opportunity to start afresh with policy that works and suits this country. The reason people voted to leave was this opportunity and not to keep the ineptitude that made people want out in the first place!

No more so than in the fishing industry which, with new decent policy can rejuvenate coastal communities, a multi-billion pound industry and tens of thousands of jobs in a comparatively small industry alone.

Continuing the status quo as the federations want, and the Conservatives now seem happy to do, will not achieve this.

No one voted for a transition period.  All this is is a way to kick the can down the road till the next election.


  • The establishment wants to negate Brexit at all costs.


  • In having to agree to a continuation to all EU law in order to get a transition areas like fishing will be thrown to the wolves.


  • This will suit those running the federations who never wanted or campaigned for Brexit and are only advocating keeping the status quo.


  • UK waters will be partitioned into-
    -An “exclusive” inside 12 miles under 10 cottage industry/marine park to buy off the smaller vessels, appease the green NGOs and spin Brexit meaning Brexit.-Outside 12 miles business will continue as usual under a never ending “transition” deal. The EU will keep its shares, quotas will be kept with a discard ban enforced. Choke species will force out the majority and family businesses and continue consolidation into the few hands running the federations.


It is now vital that the government disproves the above assertion by categorically stating that fishing will not be part of this transitional arrangement?

We also appeal to all of those in the Federations to stop looking to what is and see what can be.   

Many need to wake up and realise what is going to happen and despite any previous animosity Fishing for Leave welcomes them to support our campaign for implementation of replacement policy for all fishermen to prosper to ensure an unequivocal clean break.

The assertion that ‘only worry about getting our waters back and worry about policy later’ is playing right into the governments hands of keep the status quo and will see this wonderful opportunity annihilated along with what’s left of the industry.

We seriously hope that in time we will not be proved correct as our predecessor FAL was in the 1990s.