Fishing for Leave would like to confirm that everything is finalised and a flotilla of 30 boats will be travelling up the Thames, through Tower Bridge and mooring in the Pool of London.

Boats will depart from off Ramsgate at 0300 & off Southend at 0600- pass Gravesend at 0730 and through Tower Bridge at 1000- all boats should be moored by approx. 1100.

12 boats have been permitted by the Port of London authority to continue up from the Pool to Westminster- those able to clear bridges will depart 1200 arriving Westminster 1230 before returning to the Upper Pool.

Any other vessels wishing to attend please contact the Fishing for Leave team through the website or on facebook- Now’s the day and now’s the hour.

We would be delighted to see any and all supporters from fishing communities and the public who would like to attend.
Fishing for Leave will Issue a press statement tomorrow with exact details of press access.

Fishing for Leave Thames e-card