Scheduled for 8am this Wednesday, it is to highlight the plight of the British fishing industry in the CFP and the existential threat continuing the CFP as part of a transition presents to what’s left of the British fishing industry.

The event will take place first thing and will be followed by interviews on the embankment next to Westminster bridge. We welcome any Brexiteers to come and support us at short notice by adorning Westminster bridge with some national flags

This is to take place before PMQs in response to the news the government capitulating to EU demands for Britain to be bound to obey the Common Fisheries Policy in entirety after officially leaving on the 29th March 2019.

This negates the automatic repatriation of control over all waters and the 60% of resources (worth £3-4bn) that EU vessels catch in UK waters and the ability to implement new independent UK policy to rejuvenate communities.

Fishermen are furious that, in having to obey EU rules but with no resource, the EU could implement and enforce detrimental legislation to cull what’s left of the British fleet along with abolishing current rules such as the member state 12 mile limit which protects inshore and shell-fishermen.

The EU could then use international law (UNCLOS Article 62.2) to claim the resources Britain would no longer have the fleet capacity to catch.

The inept CFP only gives British fishermen 25% of the resources although we contribute half the waters to the EU common pot.

The CFP forces British fishermen to discard half the fish they catch (the approximate equivalent of 1 billion fish portions), they then have to catch and kill more just to find the “right” species their quota allows them to keep.

Brexit would have allowed a change to new UK policy of limiting time at sea in return for landing all catches  so vessels catch less but land more allowing a bright future for fish, fishermen and coastal communities.

Being trapped in the transition means being subjected to the EU discard ban where vessel will have to cease fishing on exhausting their lowest, most pitiful quota and will reluctantly go bankrupt.

Public body Seafish’s study shows the UK would be unable to catch 60% of our resources providing the EU the cause beli to then claim these resources we could no longer catch under Article 62.2 of UNCLOS. Download Here

All the government had to do was say no given their acknowledgement of the obvious that we will be an independent state as our membership terminates.

What they have gone and done is capitulated to everything the EU demanded with some caveats to allow the ridiculous situation where we will be an independent coastal state but will have surrendered to re-obeying the CFP as some sort of vassal state satellite.

The government can spin all it wants but what we have is a situation where the EU tells us what to agree internationally and then we return home to hand it all to EU control where we are maybe consulted and get to sit in the room to be told to be grateful for what we’re about to receive.

This is a death sentence if MPs don’t reject it. The government knows this but has chosen to ignore all the industry pleas and representations and has spat in the face of the biggest vote and mandate in British history to appease the EU. They have knowingly set a path which will see another British industry consigned to museum and memory – it’s heartbreaking and pitiful.