Superb Letter from SW Skipper – Days at Sea a No Brainer!

I would like to congratulate Fishing for Leave on putting together an excellent piece of work regarding days at sea and why Britain can’t keep quota.

What they propose is a real solid and common sense approach to fisheries management.

I am a fisherman in the SW of England and I have been saying for a long time, to anyone who might listen, that a days at sea regime is the correct tool with destructive quotas removed.

All fish caught during monitored days at sea would be landed.

The brain dead policy of discards would be abolished once and for all, gaining instant access to credible stock data at a stroke.

  • No waste of marine resources of this renewable high quality food source.
  • Credible fisheries data for real time management.
  • Genuine sustainable future, not just sound bites.
  • Less fish caught, creating stronger stocks, with greater economic benefits.
  • Pride returned to the men who put their life on the line to harvest seafood.
  • A food producing industry to attract world markets

It’s a no brainier !

The reason we have failed in all the above to date, is that by being tied to the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) our national marine resource has been a bargaining chip to be abused and plundered by all and sundry.

We must NOT adopt the CFP into our law, it has been a period of untold waste and misery for our islands coastal communities.

We must move to a days at sea system and well done Fishing for Leave for saying so when others won’t.

Jeremy Hosking
From a 100 year old fishing family!