Stop CFP Being Adopted into UK Law post-Brexit.


A petition demanding the Government Must Not Adopt and Continue the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) into UK law is currently at 40,500 signitures.

Fishing for Leave ask everyone in the industry to sign –

John Ashworth of FFL said “There are many worthwhile petitions and surely seeing British resources repatriated for the benefit of British families and coastal communities is a deserving one?”

FFL have warned since last October that adopting the CFP means we will be continuing with the status quo of “equal access to a common resource” and “relative stability” resource shares rather than new, decent British policy.

The group insists that Britain Must walk away and that any new deal, especially one with a “transition” period, will see the EU hold to its demand for continued adherence to current EU rules, including the CFP.

John Ashworth said “Agreeing to continue to adhere to EU law with a “transition” period as part of any deal once we have left in March 2019 will cancel out the clean slate provided by Article 50.

Having to obey EU laws as part of a new deal after leaving, in conjunction with HM government having ‘conveniently’ having adopted EU rules into ‘hibernation’ on the UK statue book with the EU Withdrawal Bill, will see the EU be able to claim continuity of rights under Article 30 of the Vienna Convention.

This will squander the Clean Sheet provided by Article 50 saying “the treaties (EU law) shall cease to apply” on exit day in March 2019.

Adopting EU laws with the Withdrawal Bill is a bad idea, the full magnitude of which is yet to become apparent and therefore we must do all we can to stop this happening.