Sad Passing Of Christopher Booker – owed a debt of gratitude by Britain’s fishing.

It was with the most utmost sadness we learnt of the death of journalist Christopher Booker from his battle with cancer.

With his investigatory journalism he used every possible opportunity to highlight the plight of British fishermen at the hands of our political system all the way from the early nineties. Both in his Sunday Telegraph column and in the books he wrote.

Under the 30 year rule he examined all the Government papers relating to the period when the UK was negotiating to join what was then the European Economic Community.

His discoveries proved that Prime Minister Edward Heath lied to Parliament and considered British fishermen; our nations fishing industry; and the living marine resource belonging to the British people, expendable.

It was this surrender of our fishing which led directly to the present demise of our coastal communities.

He was at the forefront in exposing the shameful 1995 Spanish/Canadian conflict over Greenland Halibut stocks.

A conflict in which the UK Government from the outset supported the European Union against a Commonwealth Country who were proven correct in the action they took.

Britain’s coastal communities and the campaign to Save Britain’s Fish will be forever indebted to Christopher for the tremendous effort he applied to inform our nation of the injustice done.

One of the original Brexiteers, his studious research and understanding – along with a selection of other key individuals – provided the intellectual ballast to the drive to restore British independence, exposing the stealthy surrender of our sovereignty.

Without Christopher – among a few others – there may have been no Brexit. There are few laurels higher than to have been a key contributor to your nations sovereignty.

A great man, a great intellect and a great friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and this great man, who was a light of hope for the future.