May Sell Out – Ulster Says No! Regulatory Alignment and Devolution Would Fragment UK and Trap NI in CFP –


“Theresa May has conceded the British government bowed to the Republic of Ireland’s demand
to commit to ‘continued regulatory alignment’ between Northern Ireland and the Republic”

Appalling! – When the nation voted to reinvigorate and strengthen the independence and integrity of the United Kingdom a British PM has offered up part of our country to a foreign power..?!

Giving part of your country to a foreign power is called Treason and Surrender May!

The Remainers have such a love for the EU they continually undermine & love the eradication of the integrity and fabric of our country, culture, identity and democracy.

To do so seditiously for 40 years is bad enough. To do it after the Biggest vote in British history kicks the establishments face to stop is incredible!

Fishing was first to be thrown to the EU wolves as a sacrifice. Now they’re prepared to throw part of our nation away to another!?

“Regulatory Alignment” would leave our fishermen in Ulster trapped in the CFP and isolated from the rest of the UK.

A United Kingdom’s existence relies on unity of direction and belief. Devolution can only ever lead to dilution and dissolution of our country.

A truely independent UK cannot survive being hollowed out internally through regulatory divergence outside the EU.

Devolution is/was part of the EU regionalisation project. Designed to weaken the integrity of the United Kingdom and dissolve it to EU governed regions.

People voted to Leave the EU to halt the fragmentation of our country and to ensure Leaving. Many held their nose and voted Conservative and UNIONIST to ensure it happened!

The masks slipped! – May and her pro-EU cohorts (including some heads of the Scots Tories) are so desperate to Remain subservient to the EU they’re prepared to break up our country through devolution and selling Northern Ireland out to achieve it.

Northern Ireland and Ulstermen are a loyal part of our nation and it’s bloody deplorable that the quislings in the metropolitan pro-EU establishment will stoop even this low.

If they will offer up part of our country on a plate where will they stop!?
We were worried on fishing…. it seems we should also be worried for our country’s very existence!