Is Election the Start of a Back Track on Brexit?

FFL has a high level of Suspicion and Dismay at the Announcement of a General Election

After 40years of sell outs and suffering for the industry we worry that something suspicious is going on regards Brexit within the establishment.

To make this announcement, Mrs May must be confident of gaining the 2/3rds majority to overturn the Fixed term of this parliament.

We wonder why would the Labour party would commit suicide to hand the Conservatives an unassailable majority? One can only conclude they have been offered something significant in return.

Have the Remainers and Blairites in the Conservatives and Labour contrived a deal to allow Mrs May a thumping majority to blunt the teeth of her back bench Brexiteers in return for using her majority to provide the fudged Brexit the establishment want to see?

Why hand the SNP the excuse to claim a renewed mandate to drive a stake into the heart of Great Britain? Why an election when the country has just started the most significant diplomatic phase in 50 years? Why open up a Pandora’s box when the government already has a working majority and support of the DUP?

Something smells fishy, we worry an unassailable majority will see Mrs May free to backtrack on Brexit with reduced scrutiny from the backbench Brexit MPs and the opportunity of reclaiming what could be a £6.3bn industry for coastal communities is squandered to avoid being contentious to the EU?

We hope to be proved wrong and that the Conservative party will make a cast iron manifesto guarantee. That Britain will reclaim and repatriate all sovereignty over our fishing waters and resources, exclude the EU fleet from our waters to secure the strongest possible hand and will implement a UK fishery’s policy to rejuvenate our coastal communities by benefiting all fishermen across all sectors and end discarding of fish.

If the government does not, when taken in conjunction with failure to scrap the London Fisheries Convention of 1964, that will provide the EU back door access to UK waters after withdrawal as it pre-dates EU membership, and it looks like the government has no intention of succeeding on this acid test of Brexit.