“I’m fed up with going to sea but having to avoid fish because of the EU’s mis-management of our industry!”

English fishing skipper Andy Giles vents his frustration on the futility of trying to make a living whilst hamstrung by nonsensical regulations imposed by an authority with no understanding of how the fishing industry operates, reports Cormac Burke.



*the image above shows French vessels fishing just off the coast of Cornwall*

“We need to leave to European Union and regain control of our own fishing grounds,” says Andy, adding that the fishing grounds off the coast of Cornwall are abundant with fish, especially haddock, but that UK fishermen have very little quota to make a living.

“In fact we have 7% of the quota in the English Channel on this fishery while the French have the lions’ share with a staggering 80% of quota on OUR fishing grounds.

“So we’ve now got to a stage where the British fleet often have to remain ashore and watch ten or more 90ft steel French trawlers operating just six miles from out coast — scooping up the haddock which we have hardly any quota for,” Andy said, adding that his vessel’s monthly allocation of haddock quota is 200kg this month — “and I can catch that in just one hour’s fishing time!”
All that is happening is we either have to tie up our boats or Discard tons of fish we can’t keep just to find a megre amount of those we can.
“How the hell have we, as a proud country, arrived at a situation where, due to the EU, we have to allow these massive foreign boats into our six-mile limit to catch what is basically British fish whilst local boats and supporting industries ashore are put out of business?
The political establishment preach to us about the “prosperity” the EU brings yet the stark reality is that British industries, including the Fishing, are being squeezed to collapse with the loss of thousands of jobs.

“This is simply crazy. We need to leave the European Union and take back control of our country to allow the Fishing and all industries the chance to flourish again — We Need to Leave the EU NOW!”