With the frenetic pace of the last week of mayhem slightly abating Fishing for Leave would like to say a bottom of the heart huge thank you to all those who participated, supported and especially organised Sundays protests.

This was an armada of defiance against a political establishment and pro-EU vested interests who see family businesses and coastal communities as expendable and care little for a way of life and heritage that many so dearly hope to pass to the next generation.

Fishermen united in the cause to show the government that their weakness and willingness to trade away our livelihoods will not be tolerated any longer, with thousands of public supporters turning out in support.

All those vessels that made the effort to mobilise at such short notice to show we are sick to death of being dismissively regarded as expendable should hold their heads so high – they did themselves, their industry, way of life and country proud.

Well done to all in Milford, Plymouth, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Hastings, Whitstable and Newcastle.

All those who stood muster when others didn’t should have a huge sense of pride, that the industry came together to make this happen all over the country showing that standing up to be counted as generations before did is not just a thing of the past – it can be done!.

Chris and Luke in Whitstable deserve special mention for the top trump boat burning and the professionalism in organising ashore with the harbour festooned in banners of defiance.

David and in Hastings who rallied all along the coast past the point of duty with nearly every boat on the Sussex coast attending.

Peter who had Portsmouth to contend with and ran things to such a degree of clockwork even the Royal Navy and Queens harbour master were impressed.

Michael in Weymouth who managed to pull together a great turnout at a drop of a hat

Shane who managed to assemble a small armada in the space of a week and young Rhys who at 14 is surely testimony to the fact there are youngsters passionate in following in their father’s footsteps if given the chance for the green shoots to be nurtured if family fishing is continued.

Aaron must also be commended for the continued dedication of the last 2 years unpaid to network the whole series of events together with all the ground work that went in behind it.

However the main people who should be past proud are all those in the industry who rallied to the flag at short notice. Who all tamed their enragement at the governments capitulation into a show of defiance given the strength of feeling and calls for more vigorous action from most.

This is only the start of resisting the sell out of fishing and indeed the whole Brexit vote.

Sundays’ collaboration, and the vast showing of public support, shows how much fishing and the requisition of our nations waters means to coastal communities.

Mrs May and her europhiles sycophants within the London bubble may think they can get away with Brexit in name only and peddling a dismissive narrative that fishing and coastal communities don’t matter but as was shown thousands around the country beg to differ.

That attitude was the very thing that drive Brexit the length of the land and far from the establishment abating these feelings their actions of more of the same are pouring petrol on the flames to their own detriment.

Fishing for Leave were disappointed that so many coastal MP’s weren’t also present to support after many invites had gone out not one had accepted.

That said we were pleased to receive letters of support from Luke Pollard, Derek Thomas and Sheryll Murray along with Owen Paterson and John Redwood.

We now remind coastal MPs that many were elected because of and for the very people who were on those vessels and on the shores.

There is something broken within Britain that the hard working men and women are driven to the point of protest to save their way of life and livelihoods against their own government – politicians should hang their heads in shame that despite the votes of 17.5 million Britons it has come to this.

Now’s the time and now’s the hour that MPs remember No Deal Is Better Than a Bad Deal and have the guts to put country before party. Self preservation should bring the realisation that tens of thousands of our votes depend on it.

Our beloved industry will no longer idly stand by at the mercy of others. We will fight until the last to safeguard who and what we are with our countrymen full square behind us and with support growing on a daily basis to take back control of our nations greatest natural resource to benifit the people who have a natural birthright to it.

It’s about time our government stepped out of their London ‘bubble’ and start facilitating the Brexit that the majority voted for.

Coastal constituency MPs either buck up to the job they are elected to do, represent their constituents or face annihilation if they think climbing the greasy party pole on a sinking brexit in name only ship is the answer.

All those who turned out should be immensely proud that they had the spirit of generations before that is often missing today to stand their ground rather than bow down to lick the hand that beats us.

They have sent a message loud and clear that we are not prepared to see our lives and livelihoods denigrated and destroyed to appease a pro-EU establishment who are pursuing a trade deal at any costs for a small percentage of business that would be minorly afflicted by the imposition of tariffs against the 85% of the economy that is domestic or with the rest of the world.

A huge thank you is due to every single person that attended on the day and we’re sure if future events are needed they will only be bigger and better.

It is now important that the industry for once comes together on the back of this and keeps the pressure on to get what can be.

The big question on many people’s lips after the events is where are the NFFO and SFF who have gone missing from action? 

This being the second time when the industry has mobilised together as happened behind Fishing for Leave during the referendum when the other two federations remaining silent was deafening!