Hope You Have All Had A Good Christmas And Best of Luck & Brexit For The New Year!

As the year comes to a close we hope everyone has had a good Christmas and we would like to wish everyone best of luck, wishes & Brexit for the New Year and many thanks to all those who have given tremendous help and support in 2017.

We need all your support and help as we approach the crescendo of the Battle to Save Britain’s Fish in the New Year.

We have a possibility of a clean slate and fresh start with regaining national control and the fisheries bill but the grave threat that adopting the CFP and a “transition” pose to being mired in the EU & CFP for years to come.

It has been a frenetic 2017 and we, and everyone else who wants to see our fishing industry and communities restored, will have to give it all in 2018.

We are delighted with the support we have received in making restoration of national control of Britain’s fishing waters one of the “acid tests” of whether ‘Brexit means Brexit’.

We are proud to have unearthed, highlighted and caused action to be taken on many issues such as;

1) Building a database to show the level of resources the EU pillages from UK waters (60%) and what the UK can rightfully reclaim worth £6.3bn.

2) Publishing the extensive Brexit Textbook on Fisheries detailing alternative, fit-for-purpose, decent future UK policy to thrive outside the disastrous CFP.

3) Unearthing and highlighting the London Fisheries Convention which FFL campaigned on alone to see successfully repealed to start the ball rolling and as a commitment to ‘taking back control’.

4) Highlighting the deliberately ambiguous wording of the Conservative manifesto which led to clarity and commitment being given to regaining all UK waters within our 200 mile EEZ.

5) Highlighting the danger of continuing the CFP and the need to ‘clutch out’ the disastrous CFP when adopted into UK law with the Great “Repeal” Bill and obtaining a Fisheries Bill to do so

6) Bringing to ministerial and parliamentary attention the abhorrence of slipper skippers bleeding the profit from active fishermen through extortionate quota rentals.

7) Highlighting that adopting all EU law and locking the UK into a ‘transition’ period would see the UK trapped in legal purgatory and stuck obeying the CFP (… work in progress…!).

There is still a huge amount to do and we need all the help and support possible from the industry and the wider British people to see one of our finest natural resources restored and nurtured sustainably, so coastal communities can be revived for generations to come.

This year will decide if Britain’s fishing industry and coastal communities can be set on the path to achieve an assent to be restored and rejuvenated as a world leader or continues to sink into a demise and ignominity.

It promises to be a hell of a 2018 and we hope that all of us can enjoy success and that  each of you can have as much fun as we look forward to causing in Westminster for our fishing communities and heritage.

Best wishes from all at Fishing for Leave.