Government Results Must Match Rhetoric

Fishing for Leave wonders how the Fisheries Minister, George Eustice’s, latest comments that it is “pretty clear that Brexit can be a good deal for British fishermen because we regain control” and “that things will change in a very fundamental way” squares with the governments agenda.

Things must change in a fundamental way as the EUs Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) has been an environmental and economic disaster by the EUs own admission.

However, nothing will change under the government proposal to adopt all EU law into UK law with the erroneously named Great “Repeal” Bill –  with a “Remain” political class in parliament unlikely to start shredding transposed EU rules – we would still be in the EU in all but name.

The would continue the EU CFP policy of “equal access” to UK waters for all EU fishing vessel and the misappropriation of 70% of UK fisheries resources to other EU member states under a disastrous EU Quota system.

An EU Quota system, that forces fishermen to discard upto half their catch to comply with an illogical quota system that is unsuited to UK mixed catch fisheries – this equates to the abhorrent mass discarding of an estimated one million tons of prime fish annually.

Article 50, Section 3, – “the treaties (EU law) shall cease to apply” and consequently the CFP.
This would automatically repatriate all control and all resources to the UK as we revert to the terms of international law out with EU rules as EU systems would have ceased to apply

There would be no “new ‘reciprocal’ arrangements to strike”, no “negotiations about fishing quotas”, no need to “hope to get a better deal”, and no “imbalance”.

The only way this happens is if the government backslides on Brexit by adopting and continuing the disastrous CFP, nailing its feet to the floor by continuing the status quo and squandering the opportunity of a clean break.

Britain has some of the richest fishing grounds in the world, which rightfully belong to the British people, and these can revert in full to UK control automatically if fisheries are exempted from the Great “Repeal” Bill.

We can then manage our automatically repatriated resources with an independent, fit-for-purpose UK fisheries policy, that works environmentally and benefits all in the industry, re-building a thriving, sustainable industry, worth billions to the UK economy and revitalising coastal communities just like Norway and Iceland.

If the vote was about “taking back control” and “controlling our borders” then fishing is the acid test of Brexit.  If The government squanders the clean break and a clean slate for political duplicity, convenience and vested interests then Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit.

Having had the courage to risk their political neck to follow their convictions we hope that Mr Eustice and Mrs Leadsom can ensure that fishing isn’t betrayed a second time and is symbolic in showing that the results of Brexit live up to the rhetoric.

As the main fishing industry Brexit campaign group Fishing for Leave looks forward to continuing to help the government realise the potential of Brexit and develop a future independent UK fisheries policy that seizes the chance of this opportunity to benefit all fishermen and the nation