Government Must Have Zero Tolerance to EU Illegal Fishing Post-Brexit

Government Must Have Zero Tolerance to EU Illegal Fishing Post-Brexit

The release of government slides detailing civil servants No Deal fears lists one as being at sea confrontation between British and EU fishing interests, should EU vessels try to continue fishing in British waters when all their Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) rights of access end upon UK withdrawal from the EU.

This is yet more welcome official acknowledgement that EU vessels will be automatically barred from UK waters post-Brexit.

The ONLY way EU vessels can legally fish in British waters is if our government signs a new agreement to let them.

Any limited access or resources swaps must ONLY be on a strictly annual basis and when Britain receives an EQUAL value of access or resources in return.

Anything else is a sell-out. One which would see British fishing interests being traded in a wider context – something Mr Johnson categorically said wouldn’t happen and, by his own words, was described as “a reprehensible thing to do” at his first PMQs.

EU vessels threats to still pillage our waters means them breaking international & domestic law.

For a government and political establishment who very publicly invest in obeying both international law and adhering to best environmental sustainability such piracy cannot be tolerated

We therefore expect no less than a Zero Tolerance approach to EU Illegal, Unreported & Unregulated (IUU) fishing activity. No different to the Norwegians, with impounding & heavy fines to stop EU vessels behaving like reckless pirates endangering sustainability.