Give us back control of OUR industry and OUR country

“Long gone are the days when local fishing communities flourished and everyone was able to provide what their children needed — long gone are the days when you used to walk proud through a thriving town”



Some ten years ago, the name of Carol MacDonald, and that of the ‘Cod Crusaders’ was synonymous with grassroots support for the UK fishing industry.

In the following letter, Carol openly voices her support for the ‘Fishing for Leave’ campaign and for the UK to exit from EU control in the June 23rd referendum.


I have a little fish embedded on my left hand it’s fins run through my veins to my heart.

This little fish is a reminder of what my community means to many and where it’s life blood stems from.

This little fish has had its communities guts ripped out and discarded by un-elected bureaucrats who sit in Brussels.

They have no knowledge of our community or industry but make up rules that ridicule our way of life and make it difficult for many trying to earn an honest living!

This little fish is also a reminder of our own little fish – our children, and their children.

I for one want a happy prosperous life for my shoal of fishes, and wouldn’t want them venturing in to uncertain waters looking for secure employment elsewhere.

I’m a little fish who has fought to keep the political sharks from constantly attacking the good honest people who are trying to make a living, every political party are to blame.


However, the biggest shark is the Scottish Government who set the hook, line and sinker right into the fishing community by their misleading promises, words and betrayal.

They promised a life raft for our safety but they have left us to sink!

We now have to work to form our own life raft since governments have abandoned our people – our life raft to make our future better by voting Leave on the 23rd of June.
Our life raft is supporting the ‘Fishing for Leave’ campaign in their efforts to help free Britain from the EU.

I was inspired at the recent Aberdeen fishing exhibition — not only how successful it was but also to meet William Whyte Snr, and to learn about his continual fund raising to help children suffering from poverty by providing clothing etc. in our local areas.

This is an act of true community spirit, but my inspiration was soon tarnished with disappointment – why should this man plough all his hard work and efforts into child poverty?

The Government believe that there should be no child suffering in such a way yet they tear the fishing industry heart out of the community!
Once again a failure of what all parties have promised!

There have been cuts for those people who are genuinely in need yet the government gives our hard earnings to be wasted in Europe:

  • Education cuts, cramming as much children into a class to be educated by one teacher;
  • Specialised teaching units for dyslexia closed down with now only one locally based;
  • The NHS has been drastically cut back and you have to plan in advance when to be ill as it would be a month before you see your own GP and yet we send enough to Brussels to pay for new schools or a hospital every week!

In our communities there are serious housing problems, businesses crashing to the wall not to mention the recent oil crisis — yet if the EU hadn’t devastated the fishing industry it needn’t be this way.

Long gone are the days when local fishing communities flourished and everyone was able to provide what their children needed, long gone are the days when you used to walk proud through a thriving town.
As for poverty, this should be a thing of the past but today we witness it on a daily basis, we are all victims of political negligence!

It’s time for this spin of political promises to stop and make the political parties sit up and listen to us the electorate that we’ve had enough.

It is time to exit a Union that we all pay to be part of which, on a daily basis, effects each and every one of us.

Give Britain back control of its spending and give us control of our own country!


Carol MacDonald


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