Fishing for Leave Leaflet Campaign

Fishing for Leave have produced a new leaflet for nationwide distribution – fishing will be symbolic of Brexit and could be one of the major triumphs of UK withdrawal. 

It is vital that fishing is high in the public agenda so the great opportunity to rebuild UK fishing and coastal communities is realised and the status quo is not continued for vested interests.

Brexit could realise the UK’s huge fisheries potential which will be automatically repatriated to the UK on withdrawal.

The UK must aim to implement a fisheries policy that rejuvenates a multi-billion pound industry for communities and the economy with an environmentally and economically fit for purpose policy that is beneficial to all.
There is also a chance to save what is left of a unique way of life and fishing heritage that has been massively degraded in the EU.
Anyone interested in helping to distribute the leaflets would be welcome and please contact Fishing for Leave with the contact form on the website or through Facebook.
Lets flourish great and free once again.