Fishing For Leave Attends UKIP Party Conference

Fishing for Leave were recently in attendance at the UKIP party conference in Bournemouth on Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th.

It is vitally important that the opportunity of Brexit, to regain and rejuvenate all the British fishing industry, is realised after forty years of imprisonment in the EU.

Therefore Fishing for Leave felt it important to attend all party conferences starting with what could soon be the UKs second largest.

Fishing for Leave hosted a fringe event about fisheries with Nigel Farage and Ray Finch.

The fringe event passed off with great success with a full audience in the auditorium. Fishing for Leaves three speakers were well received along with the issues they highlighted.

One subject of particular interest and debate was the constitutional outline of the situation regarding withdrawal.

Fishing for Leave highlighted that control of the UK EEZ and the majority of our fisheries resources were lost in joining the EU. However, they are Automatically repatriated in full on withdrawal as the treaties cease to apply.

Consequently the CFP and all mechanisms including equal access, historical rights, relative stability shares and quota will cease to apply.

The vital point being made that this allows Britain not only automatic repatriation of all fisheries resources and control but a clean slate and little to negotiate.

Fishing for Leave highlighted that the group intends to ensure that Brexit means Brexit, that a new UK policy is implemented and that everyone in the fishing industry benefits.

UKIP fisheries spokesman Ray Finch also spoke superbly well, showing a great depth of knowledge regarding all facets of fisheries and the underlying influences as to particular situations regarding the industry.

Such a depth of knowledge was as refreshing as welcoming.

Fishing for Leave would like to extend a warm thank you to all those we met.