Fife Producers Organisation Backs Fishing for Leave


In a memorandum of understanding Fife Producers Organisation backed Fishing for Leave in advancing a trial of FFLs proposed discard free effort control management system.

In order to explore a system that could give Britain a world leading alternative  to avoid choke species in the future discard ban when vessels will have to tie up and go bust on exhausting their lowest quota allocation.

Fife PO also gave it’s support to Fishing for Leaves policy positions of

  • A clean extrication from the EU with no roll over of the CFP.
  • Future policy must look to work for the whole industry, large and small, to rebuild coastal communities not continue consolidation.
  • That there should be a resources amnesty on repatriated fish where current entitlements are respected but all regained resources are allocated pro-rata.
  • That current investments in FQA entitlements must be preserved and incorporated in a new, independent British policy under effort control.

Aaron Brown of Fishing for Leave said, “We are delighted that Fife PO have lent their backing and support for what we are advocating and for a trial of the discard free system of effort control we propose”.

“Rolling on with the CFP by default and switching bad management from Brussels to Whitehall isn’t a solution to rebuild coastal communities and to make a success of Brexit”.

“The majority of the industry and coastal constituencies didn’t vote leave for the status quo but for a fresh start”.

“It is superb that they share our vision of an industry with a future where we can rebuild under a decent system. One that supports family businesses and large companies so all communities around our coast can rejuvenate and survive for generations to come”

“The industry and our waters have suffered so much in the CFP, we have a wonderful opportunity with Brexit to re-cast the die but this will be impossible and be lost if we don’t pursue and trial a credible alternative to the CFP immediately”

“The Government and DEFRA have produced nothing and are lackadaisical in working up an alternative. It suggests Fishing and coastal communities will once again be thrown to the wolves to get a transition deal.”


Jim Fyall of the FFPO said “Fishing for Leaves ideas of an effort based management system hold merit and most defiantly need to be explored and put to a trial.”

“This system could undoubtedly benefit all vessels and owners from all areas, national and international, and help preserve the coastal communities that rely heavily on having an environmentally sustainable management system”.

“Fife PO has been a predominantly community based PO for the Fife region as-well as having long established connections with fishers south of the borders and internationally”.

“Both large and small vessel owners and companies need each other to help rebuild the industry and the local communities, if the coastal communities fail due to retention of the present quota system then the whole infrastructure will fail leaving a greater mess than now.”

“The current head-aches with renting and keeping the members fishing added to with the forth coming discard ban is going to see the likes of the Fife PO and its members struggle to survive along with many others.”

“Renting quota can go so far then it’s just a case of paying to work”.

“I firmly believe that the current quota system coupled with the discards ban will finish off a lot of vessels in the near future”.

“All sectors of the industry need to come together to ensure we all benefit from Brexit then the future can and will be bright and prosperous for all”.


David Gair chairman of the Fife PO commented;

“We held a very intuitive & productive meeting and all agreed that a version of an effort control management system proposed by Fishing for Leave is an extremely viable alternative to the current quota based system that needs to be explored”.

“This system must be taken to a national or even international trial and I firmly believe it will help safe guard jobs and help all the current stakeholders in the industry large and small”.

“We all agreed that the present level of discards and quota renting is totally unacceptable and must be resolved to help keep what’s left of the industry”.

“The level that some vessels are having to go to with renting quota and dumping of perfectly marketable fish is just insane”.

“Those that are heavily renting are, as Jim so eloquently put it, “Just paying to work” and it sums up the insanity of the current quota system”.

“FQA’s are at an all-time high as everyone who can afford it is scrambling to grab as much as they can. The rot has set in now and the screws are going to start to turn and I foresee that not many vessels will survive the discards ban”.

“Some will not care and just hang up their boots, some will struggle on only to be swallowed up and we’ll be left with a few large companies holding all the quota and no coastal communities left”.

“Vessel owners cannot move forward and reinvest in new or newer vessels as the profits are just bled away with a large proportion of the landing going to pay for rentals”.

“One thing is for sure – there won’t be a ‘sea of opportunity’ if everyone goes bust if don’t get an alternative to replace the CFP if we ‘only worry about future policy after Brexit’ which will be too late”.

“We must move away from quotas and adopt an effort based management system for the good of all the industry large and small and I firmly believe with the modelling that’s being done that the system Fishing for Leave proposes can work and the government must look at a trial straight away if they are serious about fulfilling Brexit”.