FFL offer to the federations to Finally back the FFL Campaign.

Fishing for Leave welcome the recent acknowledgement and agreement by Bertie Armstrong, CEO of the SFF (FN 02nd Nov) of the position identified by Fishing for Leave over a month ago (FN 7th Oct.) – That the adoption of EU law onto the UK statute book in the governments proposed Great “Repeal” Bill would nullify the clean break afforded under Article 50 – “the treaties shall cease to apply”.

This Bill would be a betrayal of Brexit by continuing the entire CFP. There is only one meaning of Brexit, spelt out very clearly by the Prime Minister, “The authority of EU law in Britain will end.”

This is what Fishing for Leave have been working to ensure, that a clean break happens and all CFP mechanisms that have been so detrimental to the UK industry, Equal access, the EU quota system and relative stability shares of it and historic rights “shall cease to apply” as per Article 50.

This will happen if HMG follow the advice and position advocate by Fishing for Leave to exempt fisheries from the adoption of the Acquis into UK law.

Using the expertise of SBF and FAL, garnered over 30 years of anti-EU campaigning when becoming fully conversant with EU and UK Law, Fishing for Leave will continue to highlight the constitutional and diplomatic position, so the industry does not have the political wool pulled over its eyes again.

We also welcome Alan McCulla, NFFO and ANIFPO, (FN 3rd. Nov.) desire that the whole industry should work together for the greater prize of Brexit. Fishing for Leave have advocated this from the start, that the opportunity of Brexit should be realised and benefit all sizes and sectors from 7m punts to 70m pelagic vessels.

The industry must look to a new, bright future to restore the UK fishing industry to a level of health in emulation of Norway, Iceland and Faroe. Not continue with the status quo of continual decline, consolidation and corporatisation forced upon it by the failings of the CFP for a minority of short sighted interests.

During the Brexit campaign Fishing for Leave were the only industry organisation that took up the baton and spoke for the industry by organising the entire industry campaign with no support or help.

Fishing for Leave believe passionately in the industry seizing a long term bright future from Brexit and feel, advocate and hope that the recent hostility by the federations to Fishing for Leave should be consigned to the tumultuousness of the post Brexit environment to  look to the betterment of whole industry.

We therefore hope that with Brexit the SFF and NFFO will finally back, work with and support the Fishing for Leave campaign so we can save Britain’s fish by ensuring the opportunity of Brexit is not squandered for political convenience or vested industry interests.

The SFF and NFFO say they won’t let the industry down, neither will Fishing for Leave, and we hope that after 20 years both Federations rise to the occasion of UK withdrawal from the CFP and can support the campaign when they wouldn’t support the campaign or Brexit before the vote.

The fishing industry cannot survive with the current trajectory of the status quo and for that reason Fishing for Leave will vigorously campaign for a hard Brexit and hope to have the federations support in doing so.