FFL Evidence To EFRA Select Committee.

FFL have submitted our written evidence to the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee.

In response to the Select Committees request FFL have detailed in brief to MPs the essential primary points needed in the Fisheries Bill.

The submission is free to download here –

FFL lay out policies required to ensure the UK entirely escapes from the CFP with a clean constitutional extrication to allow the United Kingdom to take the golden opportunity to implement environmentally and economically fit-for-purpose policy.

So we not only Save Britain’s Fish but rejuvenate our coastal communities so all fishermen, large or small, have a future.

One thing FFL has continually made pertinently clear is continuing with the same essential tenants of the CFP will condemn British fishermen to another 30years of failure


Fishing for Leave have also uploaded and publicised nearly all the written documentation the group has produced thus far aside from the latest submissions to government which it hopes to upload soon.

To Download these PDF documents, Visit- http://ffl.org.uk/publications/