FFL Blasts EU Calls to Pirate Fish British Waters

The EU chief negotiator tweeted that nothing would change regards EU fishing as Britain begins the process of re-establishing her fishing rights in preparation for leaving the EU.

With the head of the European Fishermens Alliances also stating that EU fishermen would take the same position and continue to pillage Britain’s waters against the boundaries of international law.

The EU’s position is nothing but irresponsible towards respect of international rights and sustainable management and amounts to little more that bullying.

After years of lecturing the world on unregulated pirate fishing being a threat to sustainability it would be sanctimonious in the extreme for the EU to do just that by invading Britain’s sovereign waters of our 200mile or midline Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

International agreements through the North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC) bind all signatories, including the EU to co-operate on the satellite monitoring (VMS) of all fishing vessels whilst enforcing and  respecting the sovereign rights of one anothers waters to ensure sustainability.

The EU will have to climb off its bellicose high horse and readjust its fishing fleet to reflect the end of being able to plunder 60% (674,601 tons avg. annually) of the fish from Britain’s rich fishing grounds.

When Britain joined the EU it accepted the fledgling Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) of ‘equal access to a common resource’ leading to Ted Heath surrendering Britain’s fishing as “expendable” in order to join.

The CFP has afforded EU fishermen this ‘equal access to a common resource’ for 44years under the CFP.

However, as EU rules “shall cease to apply” to Britain upon withdrawal as per Article 50, this access and rights to fish British waters shall automatically cease as Britain will automatically take back control of all her waters within her EEZ.

The EU will have to accept this restoration of British sovereignty or the EU will be breaking every international agreement there is in becoming a pirate nation jepordizing sustainability of stocks.

Recently Lord West, former First Sea Lord of the Admiralty, said that Britain would have to enforce and patrol her restored marine boundaries or else look incredibly stupid.

With repatriating our fishing waters and implementing new decent British policy being worth £6.3bn to the British economy, taking back control of our fisheries could support a welcome boost to the Royal Navy to protect our seas from EU stringency.

Hopefully MP’s and the government can defend Britain’s interests as people voted for in detaching ourselves from the EU.

It’s time to be a nation again and flourish great and free!