Experience of Faroes

A booklet on Faroes Fisheries Management by Eivind Jacobsen and Jon Kristianson is available to download by clicking the link – http://ffl.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Days-at-Sea-Faroe-book-for-Brexit.pdf

This booklet details the reasons and methods as to why the Faroe Islands uses Effort Control through a Days-at-Sea regime to administer it’s mixed demersal fisheries.

It illustrates the way in which Faroes administers it’s Days-at-Sea system and the reasons for doing so.

The initial pages cover the political and ecological reasoning as to why Faroe moved to effort control despite all its neighbours using Quotas, .

Particular emphasis is given to questioning the ideological approach to fisheries science and the management derived from it that leads to quotas.

It explains why the Faroese questioned the ideological approach of micro managing the seas and the applicability of the science that results from this.

A useful insight as to a nation that decided the orthodoxy was incorrect and chartered it’s own course.

After 30 years of the EU’s horrific mismanagement of one of the British peoples greatest renewable resources, we hope Britain will also chart her own course.