EU Wants Fishing Hardball – Government Must Show Resolve on Fishing and Brexit.

The European Parliament Committee on Fisheries (PECH) is demanding Britain adhere to the current disastrous terms of the Common Fisheries Policy in exchange for market access.

A market which will need UK fish more if the UK reclaims the 59% of fish resources the EU takes for free from UK waters annually.

This shows the EU wants to play hardball with Britain over fishing and the government must show its resolve on “Brexit meaning Brexit” by not caving to their demands.

The EU hopes that its vessels will be able to continue to receive a disproportionality unfair 75% share of the fish allocations around the UK although Britain has the majority of the fisheries areas.

The EU wants to play hardball, however, upon UK withdrawal the disastrous CFP will cease to apply automatically, meaning the UK will be free to manage her own waters with no historical rights to honour.

The EU has agreed to this ‘clean sheet’ with the terms of Article 50, Section 3 saying “the treaties (EU laws) shall cease to apply.

Therefore, on withdrawal, the UK can be free of the CFP with entire responsibility falling to the UK government and the MPs in Westminster.

The only way we can lose fishing is if the government betrays the clean slate of Brexit by adopting the disastrous CFP into UK law as proposed with the Great “Repeal” Bill

The UK will return to being an independent nation subject to international law on fisheries (UNCLOS 3) with sovereignty and discretion to manage our own waters and fisheries resources just like Faroe, Norway and Iceland.

This would be a huge loss to the EU and a multi-billion pound gain and tens of thousands of jobs to the UK, given that EU Data shows that the EU has been catching 59% of all catches in UK waters.

It would be up to the EU to honour sustainable catch levels by readjusting its over inflated TAC share to account for the loss of the UK’s rich waters that the EU subsumed 40 years ago.

There is nothing to negotiate on fishing! This is the EU trying to play tough, hoping the UK government caves on demands over fishing by betraying Britain’s coastal communities a second time in a generation.

Whether we ‘take back control of our (fishing) borders’ will make fishing the ‘acid test’ of Brexit, due to this and the government must show its resolve.

The government can do this immediately by serving the 2 years notice on the 1964 London Convention that will gives Europe back door access to our waters if it is not scrapped as it predates the EU.

If the government doesn’t clear this small hurdle things don’t look good for fishing or Brexit.