Danes Threaten Hague Cod War.

Fishing for Leave blasts the Danish Governments assertions that they have historic rights to fish UK waters after Britain leave the disastrous EU Common Fisheries Policy.


We have reiterated to government on numerous occasions that there is no legal basis for a continuation of current access nor allocations upon withdrawal.

The Danes claim is spurious as it only cites the historic rights provided under the CFP and 1964 London Fisheries Convention and nothing back to 1400.

It was clearly stated to Parliament in the 1960s, by the Secretary of State for the government, that the London Convention would supersede all previous agreements and therefore there is nothing binding from before 1964.

All current access is derived from either the disastrous CFP or the London Fisheries Convention of 1964, which Mrs May is still worryingly pontificating upon scrapping despite saying she would do so.

Under Section 3 of Article 50 the EU, including Denmark, has agreed that the disastrous CFP shall automatically “cease to apply” to the UK upon withdrawal.

The UK will then revert to international law under UNCLOS and be free to manage our own waters with no historical access or allocations to honour – that’s the hard reality.

The threat of fighting the UK in the Hague is reminiscent of Britain challenging for historic rights to fish Icelandic waters during the Cod wars. Squealing for historic rights proved a non-starter then and it is less so under UNCLOS now.

Denmark saying 60% of the fish caught in our waters is by the EU only highlights the robbery of UK resources the EU has facilitated to the detriment of Britain’s coastal communities.

It is simple the UK fleet was expendable upon joining the EU and now the continental fleet, built up on this robbery of UK resources, is expendable as we leave and take back control.

As responsibility returns to the UK only the British government can squander and betray Brexit and the fishing industry is by adopting the terms of the CFP into UK law with the Great “Repeal” Bill.

Under the Vienna Convention on Treaties this adoption into UK law would bind the UK to the terms of the CFP and continue EU rights to fish our waters and squander the clean slate the EU has agreed to under Article 50.

The EU claims that as the UK exports 60% of our fish to the EU that current fishing arrangements should continue or market access should be blocked.

However, the old truism applies that you have to be able to catch it to sell it. Market access is actually a diplomatic strength for the UK.

60% of UK fish going to EU markets shows a high level of demand for UK fish which will only intensify if the EU markets lose the huge 60% of fish resources the EU fleet takes for free from UK waters.

How long will EU processors and merchants stand in solidarity as their market is choked of supplies to appease EU fishermen who want to have their cake and eat it?

It is a simple case of safeguarding and reclaiming our national resources and to take back control on this acid test of Brexit the government should not betray British fishing and coastal communities a second time by caving in to appease EU demands.

Our government should realise the position of strength on fisheries with nothing to negotiate on the reclamation of a £6.3bn industry that can rejuvenate coastal communities and be managed more sustainably.