Fishing for Leave’s Brexit fishing fringe at Conservative party conference.

With Rt Hon Ross Thomson MP and Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP, former DEFRA Secretary.

Monday 1st October from 3pm until 5pm

Lyttelton Theatre – Birmingham and Midland Institute
9 Margaret Street – B3 3BS

“Fishing Policy for another generation to flourish in an independent United Kingdom”

We welcome all MPs, Press, Conference delegates and Members of the public to attend.


With the Fisheries White Paper now published British fishing and our marine environment can either boom with Brexit or slide perilously close to a second betrayal with Chequers.

Chequers and the Transition is an existential threat to what is left of the British industry.

We ask all to attend to hear why it is vital that the government Chuck Chequers and realise this golden opportunity on what is an ‘acid test’ of taking back control and Brexit.

The event will highlight and hammer home to government;
  • That a clean Brexit automatically repatriate all British waters and  resources with nothing to negotiate. The CFP will be abrogated by Article 50 with the UK reverting to international law.
  • How Chequers and the Transition jepordises this opportunity, is an existential threat to Britain’s fishing, and would be a second betrayal of British coastal communities.
  • How being trapped in the CFP post Brexit would lead to decline whilst chucking chequers would allow husbanding our greatest natural resource to rejuvenate our environment and dependent communities for generations to come with a multi-billion pound industry.
  • How a clean Brexit would give freedom to implement world-leading Refined Effort Control policy to scrap the sinful quota policies that cause discards on 1million tons of fish annually.
  • How government must use Brexit to Ban abhorrent Electrical Pulse fishing which the EU sanctioned against its own scientific advice for 100 Dutch vessels to “trial” for 10 years.
  • How Michael Gove must not allow the continuation of failed domestic implementation of the CFP which has driven consolidation and corporatization of a national resource to the detriment of coastal communities.
  • How the Governments Fisheries White paper might hint at noble aspirations, but Chequers and a Transition is an existential threat that will squander British fishing booming and burst it instead.

We look forward to seeing you there.