Britain Can’t Keep Crazy Quota Discards with Brexit

Steve Barrett, the Skipper of a 10m Fishing vessel in the SE of England explains that the lunatics are running the fishing asylum and why Britain must take the chance of a clean Brexit and not adopt crazy EU rules.

If only the public knew…..
Here in the SE, like most other areas in the UK, we have what is called a mixed fishery of different species.

The shore based fishing expert’s way to protect fish stocks is to use a quota system.  This totally ignores, what every fisherman knows – that quotas do not work in a mixed fishery of different species.

Because of this species mix, when we go to sea we cannot decide what fish are going to get caught in our nets and cannot target one species without catching the others for which we very often do not have quota.

If a boat has used its quota allowance for a species of fish it cannot land anymore of that species for the remainder of the month.

Any fish that are caught above quota must be returned to the sea even though they are usually dead or have little chance of survival – this makes an absolute mockery of the Quota system.

For anyone that is interested, the following example of how the system works shows how the lunatics running the asylum are damaging fish stocks and not protecting them.

A typical ‘under 10m’ boat needs to generate a certain amount of income to be viable. In my case that is around £500 per day. This figure is then broken down as follows, £100 daily running costs and then the remainder split into four equal shares. One share goes to the boat for overheads, one share goes to the owner and the other two shares are for the crew that operate the boat .

Lets say I go to sea and catch the following
2 boxes of cod ……………value £140 approx
1 box of skate……………..value £60 approx
half a box of bass………..value £150 approx
half a box of soles……….value £150 approx

This would give me a total of 4 boxes worth approx £500 which would be both acceptable and viable.

However, for this example, I have no cod quota left for the month and cannot keep bass so have to dump these fish, which are dead, into the sea.

This has reduced my income for the boat for the day to just £210 which does not cover the overheads and wages. My only choice is to fish for longer and catch more to make what I need for the day to survive.

Because of quota rules I must catch the same one and a half times again. Meaning I have had to catch 10 boxes instead of 4 and have been forced to discard 6 boxes dead.  Where is this conservation??


All four species have suffered unnecessary extra effort as a result, and all this to keep the lunatics running the asylum happy and in a job.

If I fish 200days in a year that is 1200 boxes of fish and £150,000 wastefully discarded because of mad quotas. 

Can you all see where this is going when you add it up around Britain? Because the so called experts, EU rule makers, College graduates, UK marine protection experts can’t.

We all understand the need for conservation but Quotas in the UK mixed fisheries are the wrong approach.

The only way to maintain healthy fish stocks and a thriving industry is to get rid of the quota system, limit vessels to a set number of Days at Sea with the right to land what they catch (it’s pointless putting it back dead).

This would allow vessels to catch less, land more, preserving the fish stocks we depend on, whilst giving fishermen a decent living.

Does the government have the guts to do this or will it pander to an easy life and big vested interests?

I cannot understand how the lunatics in charge of the industry can allow this to carry on and think that they are helping to preserve fish stocks by forcing people like myself to dump dead fish through lack of quota.

The world has gone mad and you, the public, deserve to know what is actually going on in the fishing industry.