Brexit Speeches – Does Government Intend to Save or Sacrifice Fishing..?

Brexit Speeches – Does Government Intend to Save or Sacrifice Fishing
The much vaunted Brexit speeches designed to bring clarity on the governments position have left the industry none the wiser as to whether the Government intends to Save or Sacrifice Britain’s fishing industry.Among many things the foreign secretary gave only the briefest and loose reference to fishing saying;

“We will be able to choose to fish our own fish”.
This differs from the official speech text released which said;
“We will be able, if we so choose, to fish our own fish”
Not only is the wording wishy washy, the deliberate words, ‘if we so chose’ (which the foreign secretary omitted) suggests there will be one way or another, that the decision has not yet been made and that wiggle room is left to backslide. 

This is a repeat of the deliberate, dodgy weasel wording used in the election manifesto that said the government would only take back control of waters over which we had “historically exercised control” which was only out to 12 miles as the UK 200mile EEZs was not recognised until 1976 when the EU automatically subsumed it as part of our CFP membership.

Fishing for Leave highlighted this deliberate weasel wording within 3 hours of it’s release and welcomed the unequivocal clarification that the government had really meant out to 200miles with the odd choice of wording being a mere accidental choice.

Is the government really going to continue with weasel words with 13 months to go and on what is now regarded as an “acid test” of the governments success and commitment on Brexit.

With a keen literary ability the foreign secretary should be congratulated for dropping these deliberate weasel words and whoever keeps deliberately drafting backsliding statements should be given their P45.

Words such as these just causes confusion and do little to give reassurance or clarity.

One would have thought that at this stage the government would be unequivocal on this symbolic, totemic issue and use a greater deal of verbosity given that this could be such an easily obtainable beacon of success for Brexit and all concerned.

Given that the government has had 19months, still doesn’t know what it’s doing, has Sir Humphry on the rampage and in full heel dragging mode with only 13months left and is willing to trap the country in a “transition” where we will be reduced to a vassal state they need to get their finger out their arse.