Government Admits Brexit In Name Only

The Prime Minister admitted on the 12th Oct that the CFP would be part of a transition and today ( Thurs. 26th Oct.) – in an answer to labours Ben Bradshaw – Minister George Eustice confirmed that Britain would leave the disastrous Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) when Britain leaves the EU, BUT said the so-called “Repeal” Bill would adopt EU fisheries regulations into UK law

 He told MPs: “The EU (Withdrawal) Bill will bring across current EU legislation to provide continuity on the day we leave and in the context of fisheries this will include the body of technical conservation regulations currently set by the EU.”

This is what Fishing for Leave have clearly and deliberately been warning since the Repeal Bill was announced last October that adopting the entire Acquis, including the CFP, into domestic legislation will nail the governments feet to the floor and mustn’t happen- yet the government go on regardless.

Article 50 gives a clean break – which says the treaties and therefore all rules “cease to apply” to Britain on March 2019.

Rather than taking this and writing new UK policy  the government is going to have adopted disastrous policies like the CFP into domestic legislation – which in effect means Britain will be running a mirror image.

The government can spin that “legally we will have taken back control”  but it’s just pathetic that what they will do with this control is carry on as is with adopted EU policy.

As we have warned the government, to get a withdrawal agreement/treaty (transition period or not) the EU can demand its terms and conveniently we will have all EU rules in hibernation in our own law for the EU to demand obedience to.

The EU has clearly stated that to get a transition period after we leave in March 2019 that Britain would have to obey all EU law. Britain would be locked in regulatory purgatory and have to abide by European Union rules but not have a “voice at the table”,  

In response to this suggestion in the House Mr Eustice said:  “ it is wrong to say that we would not have a seat at the table – these (fisheries negotiations) are annual events – whether we are negotiating with EU member states at the moment in December council or indeed with EU Norway or indeed the coastal states meetings – and we will become an independent coastal state on the day we leave the European Union in March 2019.”

Mr Eustice’s answer isn’t assured or forthright- he’s tagged on a statement of fact that we’ll be a coastal state – true – but not made any commitment to how we will exercise that in relation to either the EU or our neighbour.

As we’ve highlighted the EU has also clearly said that if a member state leaves but adopts EU law it will have to obey it – the government insists otherwise – we think the EU will try to invoke continuity of rights under the Vienna Convention on Treaties”.

Why run the risk of a legal challenge and fight by adopting policy you apparently will scrap anyway?

If the government really means to take back control of our rich fishing waters to rebuild a £6.3bn industry and coastal communities with a Fisheries Bill then why run the risk of keeping the CFP?

Why not show commitment and resolve and exempt the CFP to avoid any challenges by the EU for business as usual?

Who really believes that the Europhille establishment will have an immediate bonfire of adopted EU regulations?

We suggest the establishment will toddle along copying the EU forever more – it’s time the British people turned the screw on a red rotten political class who seem intent on negating Brexit to leaving in name only.

It’s about time the government stopped playing silly buggers and came out and said that it will not just take back control but will exercise that power over all UK waters and resources to implement a new, bespoke, discard free UK wide policy for British fishermen and communities

Not some fudge of a mirror CFP for political convenience and to appease the EU and a few big pro-EU industry interests and not some partition of UK waters through devolution or inshore and offshore.

If the government doesn’t start to sing a more forth right tune then they’ll soon see us all on the Thames again as Britain’s coastal communities just will not take being a sacrificial lamb for a second time.