Announcement of 14 Policy Points

Below we outline the 14 points that Fishing for Leave feel are critical.

Critical to reclaim and rejuvenate one of the nations greatest renewable resources and to rebuild a fantastic industry to sustain businesses, communities and a family industry.

Full withdrawal from the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) is the only way for the fishing industry!

UK commercial fishermen have received appalling treatment from successive Governments for decades.  Our nations fishing resources were surrendered to the EU and squandered under the totally flawed  CFP – 70% of UK resources are in EU hands and 60% of the UK fleet has been scrapped.

The government announcement that it will adopt all EU law would see the whole CFP continued into UK law.

Continuing the decline under the status quo instead of a clean break to reclaim and rebuild.

Fishing for Leave believes in UK fishing’s potential, to husband our national resources and look past short term self-interests to a long term future for everyone regardless of size or sector.

Fishing for Leave will fight vociferously to ensure that this one and only golden opportunity  is not betrayed and bartered for political convenience and narrow minded vested interests.