Adopting EU Law Is Not Brexit!

A reminder why continuing the disastrous CFP into UK law with the Great “Repeal” (Adoption) Act is unacceptable and a sell out of Brexit! – please watch and share.
The proposed Act will adopt the entire body of EU law (the aquis communataire) onto the UK statute book- this would include continuing the CFP and all its mechanisms.
The chance to rebuild communities and a multi-billion pound UK industry would have been squandered.
Article 50 provides a clean slate by making ALL EU laws cease to apply, allowing the automatic repatriation of all control and 70% of UK fisheries resources.
By adopting the CFP the government would be continuing to allow most of our fish to be caught by the EU fleet.
With little parliamentary impetus to start tearing up transposed EU regulations it mean we would be in the EU in all but name – this is not what people voted for!
To continue to see places like North Shields rot as most of our nations greatest natural resource is pilfered by EU boats is not acceptable!
Fishing will be an acid test of Brexit and the government must take the chance to show courage not cowardice in the face of the EU and stand up for our national interests!