A Productive Meeting With CEFAS

Four members of Fishing for Leave had another successful, high-level government meeting after accepting the invitation to Lowestoft to meet with Cefas.

Fishing for Leave detailed how the group’s proposed discard free British version of effort control would work.

Where vessels can land and record all catches in exchange for a limit on time at sea. Allowing vessels to catch less but land all whilst retaining the current FQA system, and in so doing provide a world leading system of real-time management and science.

Under this system vessels be able to keep all catches of fish outwith their current track record in exchange for hours of soak time at sea  in a system of Flexible Catch Composition percentages.

Vessels would catch less fish overall in a year, be able to land all catches by having no discards and most importantly remove the need for quota rentals.

Cefas seemed suitably impressed that this discard free system would produce real-time science and management whilst avoiding any race to fish, allowing effort to be controlled on an ecology wide basis.

Fishing for Leave also unveiled a world leading database system developed to allow this system of effort control to operate in real-time.

We now look forward to continuing the engagement across government to advance this plausible alternative to the current discredited quota system.

To avoid an ill-founded discard ban which, without getting rid of the cause of discards – quotas, will see the remaining British fishing fleet destroyed when vessel have to stop fishing when they choke on their lowest quota.

Effort control is the only way to allow all fishermen to prosper to deliver the government’s promise of a successful fisheries Brexit to rebuild coastal communities; not just continue the current system for government convenience and a clique of corporate interests.