Parliament Will Block Any Brexit – Boris Says No Extension ~ No Reason For No Deal

The passing of the Letwin Amendment vindicates FFLs position that the government is hobbled by parliament, and that therefore would find it extremely difficult to negotiate and implement a suitable Future Relationship to be negotiated should the Withdrawal Agreement pass.

This vindicates our position that those supporting the WA, which they too see as still a bad deal, in the hope the government could remedy it with a good Future Relationship and Free Trade Deal are basing the strategy on a political reality that does not exist.

The crux of the issue is a Remain Parliament of which the government has lost control and its majority over.

 Passing the Withdrawal Amendment would merely see the government forced, coerced and hobbled towards a bad Future Relationship and Free Trade Deal by parliament – with many working at behest of the EU for its interests.

 The further delay that has been forced upon us destroys the argument for voting for the deal to “get Brexit done” to be seen to keep faith with the electorate. A risky strategy should, with high probability, this less than good deal have sour consequences the electorate would not appreciate.

We welcome Boris Johnsons statement that he will not “negotiate a delay with the EU and nor does the law compel me to do so!”. If this is the case the government should press on with a clean No Deal Brexit on the 31st of October as mandated by their manifesto that no deal was better than a bad deal.

If the government is not legally compelled to delay this brings into question why the government brought a sub optimal deal before the House if it could walk away?

 This Prime Minister and Government are to be commended for trying to salvage a deal from the dire one they inherited – not helped by the Benn “Surrender” Act hobbling their negotiating leverage.

However, the is still not good enough. It pays a tremendous price – in money, the threat of rules detrimental to UK interests imposed during the Transition and, most importantly, the integrity of the Union – merely to maybe agree a Future Relationship and FTA.

One which the political declaration sets out to; ensnare the UK in a ‘level playing field’ of ‘regulatory alignment’; curb our taxation and unilateral foreign policies; and to drive us into “associate membership” of a series of EU policies from fisheries, to defence and foreign policy.

Many Brexiteers were prepared to hold their nose and support this deal based on 3 things.

 – That the government would fight to secure a good FTA to remedy the situation.

– That not “getting Brexit done” now would see further delay as per the Benn ‘surrender’ Act.

– That the government could legislate to protect UK industries from EU rules. The assurance that the government would is very wrong. Domestic legislation cannot override the obligations of an international treaty. It couldn’t as EU members and it couldn’t under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement to obey all EU law.

Fishing for Leave noted and respected those advocating the above view point of getting out and negotiating something better. Brexiteers felt stuck between picking the least worst option.

On balance FFL concluded that the risk posed by the Transition, and never obtaining a decent FTA in the face of a recalcitrant parliament, was too high.

On parliaments performance today we feel vindicated in this position, and our view that the only way out is a General Election in which a Remain Parliament is cleared out by a Brexit electorate with a government elected with a mandate and majority to implement that manifesto promised but not delivered by the May government in 2017.

However, all three sets of reasoning to support the deal above have now been destroyed by parliament showing it will hobble the government at every turn or rendered irrelevant by the government stating it will not, and is not legally obliged to, seek and extension.

We therefore now implore MPs and the government to recognise that with this parliament a deal is irretrievable and therefore to press ahead to a clean No Deal exit on the 31st of October with No extension sought or granted by the EU.

Enough is enough! Parliament has had its chance and failed. It is time for Her Majesties elected government to ‘take back control’ and leave – as mandated and legislated for – on the 31st of October!