“Boris, binning the Backstop still isn’t Brexit,” – Seven Key Brexit Groups Initiate Campaign To Help Avert Backsliding on Brexit

Seven major Brexit groups have launched a joint initiative to give the public the ammunition to pressure their MPs as to why the Withdrawal Agreement minus the backstop- as Boris Johnson proposes – is still “an existential threat to the United Kingdom”.

The groups are concerned that the Prime Minister seems focused only on amending the Backstop, rather than tackling all the other major problems in a deal which the PM recently proclaimed as “dead”, such was the level of problems and opposition to it – including his own.

The first simple, easy-to-read one page statement kicks things off with a 12-point summary showing why ‘binning the Backstop’ on its own still won’t deliver Brexit.

Why only a complete tearing up of the Withdrawal Agreement – and a re-set of the terms of the UK’s departure from the EU – is the only way to deliver a clean-break Brexit which the British people expected when they voted to leave in 2016.

“The UK will not be a truly sovereign Unless A Clean-break Brexit Is Delivered – It’s Now The Only Way Forward.”

A combined Brexit effort

These groups have come together to publish a series of summaries showing why the Withdrawal Agreement minus the backstop is still “an existential threat to the United Kingdom” and why no re-wording of the Agreement is remotely adequate

Today we are publishing the first ‘one-pager’ – an easy-to-read 12-point summary of why a revised Withdrawal Agreement would still be a Surrender Treaty, if it only amends the Northern Ireland Backstop.

Removing the Backstop doesn’t even come close to being Brexit

A spokesperson from Brexit Facts4EU.Org said:

“The majority of the British people voted to leave the EU. They did not vote for BRINO – ‘Brexit In Name Only’. They voted to leave the EU.

“Any attempt by the Government to pass a re-hashed ‘May 2.0’ Surrender Treaty through Parliament will be seen for what it is by the public. If it is presented and if it should get through, they’ll be hammered in the next general election.”

A Fishing for Leave spokesperson added:

“The Withdrawal Agreement – even without the Backstop – obliges us to re-obey the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) after leaving, with no say or escape. The EU can impose any detrimental rules which we must obey under ‘good faith’, to cull what’s left of our fleet.”

“The WA also obliges us to ratify the Political Declaration on a future relationship based on; a “level playing field”, “non-discrimination” and all to be based on “current access and quota shares”.

Effectively squeezing us into CFP associate membership – it’s the opposite of ‘taking back control” and is a conscious betrayal of British fishing & communities.”

Tom Bohills, co-founder of the Alliance of British Entrepreneurs commented:

“The WA is a worst of all worlds fudge that suits no-one.”

“In a fast paced, globally competitive corporate landscape, UK business must have the ability to innovate and thrive away from the sclerotic influence of the EU.

Brexit is the chance for UK businesses to work hand in glove with the Government to make this country the best place in the world to be an entrepreneur. We must not squander that by committing our brilliant business community to the eternal servitude of EU dictats.”

David Banks of Veterans for Britain concluded;

“Ministers are proposing ‘More EU’, signing us up to defense policies we should be leaving. They need to open their eyes to the wider military locks the Withdrawal Agreement creates”

All the groups have vowed to oppose any watered-down version of Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement, as they say it would only deliver ‘Brexit in name only’ – BRINO.

The damning 12-point summary of any new ‘deal’ based on what Mrs May agreed

The 12-point one-pager from the Brexit groups clearly shows that any revised version of Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement will put the UK under the de facto jurisdiction of a group of 27 foreign powers, leaving the UK powerless to veto laws or procedures affecting the UK and its citizens.

It goes on to cover the UK’s inability to do trade deals to reduce the prices of goods, the continued loss of control of fishing waters, the increasing EU integration of our military and intelligence capabilities, as well as what the paper calls “the biggest divorce settlement in history”.

This paper is the first salvo in an initiative which will see further one-pagers on all key Brexit topics, as well as a ranking of MPs based on how they have voted on Brexit and how well they have respected Leave majorities in their constituencies.

You can read the statement in full – and print it off to use as a leaflet here ->


We Feel We Need To Head Of Brexit In Name Only

For Brexit groups to come together like this – and agree a common statement – shows the level of concern that exists amongst the majority who voted to leave the EU.

The concern lies in two simple facts:

1. Almost all the Government’s statements have only referred to removing the Backstop, and the Home Secretary Priti Patel – once an ardent Brexiteer – told the BBC at the weekend that she would back the deal if the backstop were removed.

2. There is insufficient time to negotiate a fundamentally-new separation agreement before 31 October. This must mean a clean-break Brexit.

Given the above we all feel it prudent to act now, to ensure that the Government understands that the British people will not be fooled into thinking that minor modification to the Withdrawal Agreement represents Brexit.

In undertaking this initiative, the Brexit groups involved hope you the public will use this material to keep the heat on MPs to vote down the dire Withdrawal Agreement on the 4th time they will be asked to pass a rotten deal by all measures. This Government must take notice that they will suffer the same fate as Mrs May should they try to repackage her dire deal.

The UK will not be a truly sovereign nation until we leave the EU completely. A clean-break Brexit is now the only way to go forward.