Boris In Brixham ~ What Government MUST Do For Brexit Success On Fishing.

Boris In Brixham ~ What Government MUST Do For Brexit Success On Fishing.

The PMs enthusiasm for fishing & coastal communities in his visit to Brixham is welcome. We hope this is sincere not hollow rhetoric.

Given the fundamental damage the May government inflicted on the sanctity of political pledges, only the proof of the pudding is acceptable.

For the PM to deliver our fishing must not be traded as part of a wider deal. As the PM has said it would be a “reprehensible” thing to do.

EUs threats to block UK seafood exports unless there is a roll-over of access to British waters for their fleet should be ignored.

EU dependence on UK seafood means they will need our exports more than ever to maintain businesses and staple food supply.

Any tariff and non-tariff barriers imposed are far outweighed by both the colossal level of fishing opportunities that can be repatriated, and by the welcome devaluation of the pound to exports.

~ The government must not only take back control of all waters and resources within our EEZ but exercise that control exclusively. Doing so for our national benefit whilst in no way tied to the dire CFP.

~ There must be NO roll over of current unlimited ‘equal access’ access and ‘relative stability’ resource shares in event of a clean No Deal, as Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay confessed Mrs May would do before the Brexit Select Committee.

~ The government must not agree to any access or resource swaps unless we receive a reciprocal value from our neighbours, and ONLY when they recognise our rightful share of resources.

~ The government must repatriate our rightful share of internationally agreed Total Allowable Catch (TAC) resources, doing so under the international principle of ‘Zonal Attachment’.

~ The government must distribute these repatriated resources to all fishermen so as to provide equal opportunity across communities. Repatriated resources MUSTN’T be distributed in the ever consolidating FQA system of allocating fishing opportunity.

~ The government must reinstate Mrs Thatcher’s 1988 Merchant Shipping Act’s ‘Economic Link’ conditions. To ensure British registered vessels deliver genuine economic benefit to British coastal communities by the majority of the ownership and crew being British, along with the majority of the catch being landed AND processed in Britain.

Only when all of the above is legislated for in the Fisheries Bill will the Conservatives have exorcised the ghost of Edward Heath and his “reprehensible” surrender of Britain’s greatest natural resource.