Huge Moment for Fishing As Executive Order To Repeal The European Communities Act Enacted!

Huge Moment For Fishing As Executive Order To Repeal The European Communities Act Enacted!

This is a huge moment for the restoration of British Independence as Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay signs the order to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 after the 31st of October.

We are delighted to see this happen. It is what Fishing for Leave and our predecessors in F.A.L and Save Britain’s Fish have campaigned to have happen for 30 years.

The ECA ’72 is the portal that gives EU law supremacy in UK, including the disastrous CFP.

May’s draft Implementation Bill would give the dire Withdrawal Treaty the same supremacy.

The ECA will now be scrapped and our obedience to EU law and the CFP with it.

No more Equal Access for EU boats to fish British waters.

No more Relative Stability shares where the EU takes 75% of TACs when the UK should have 60%.

No more need to tolerate EU owned but UK registered Flagships who’ve appropriated half of the TAC the UK does get.

The draft Implementation Bill (or something akin to it) mustn’t ever see the light of day. To ensure the UK never re-obeys EU law or agrees to replicate the arrangements of the CFP.

We’ve now the tremendous opportunity to;

~ Completely abrogate all CFP arrangements.

~ To exercise exclusive sovereignty over all waters and resources within our EEZ exclusively for the benefit of British fishing industry and communities.

~ To repatriate our rightful share of internationally agreed TACs under the international principle of Zonal Attachment.

~ To strengthen the Economic Link to curb Flagships and ensure UK registered fishing vessels deliver genuine economic benefit to British coastal communities. By landing & processing 60% of catches in the UK and having 60% British ownership and crew.

The government must grab this immediate opportunity to deliver on an acid test of Brexit.

One which would see multi billion pound benefit to coastal communities and the freedom to husband our greatest renewable resource sustainably for generations to come.

Doing so with policy that will deliver for all vessels large and small to end the current consolidation to last man standing.

A bright future awaits. Onwards and outwards!