The break down in talks to reach an agreement on joint English channel management is regretable for French fishermen, British fishermen and the humble scallops.

However, French fishermen resorting to indimidation and violence is hypocrisy in the extreme. (click the image below for the video link)

For 40 years we have had to endure French and other EU fishermen catching 60% of the fish in British waters, insultingly much taken just off the coasts of Cornwall.

The CFP has been deliberately loaded against Britain. Although we’ve provided half the waters and resources to the Common pot we’ve only received 25% of the internationally agreed TACs.

Deprivation of our own resources has driven fishermen and communities to the wall yet the French have the temerity to kick off over a few British boats working towards their coast!

Perhaps if the French through the EU hadn’t fleeced 90% shares of the channel fish stocks British fishermen in desperation wouldn’t have been pushed to targeting scallops.

It would seem some have more equal access to a common resource than others!

Brexit, and what we hope is a full withdrawal in March with the sell out of Chequers defeated, should maybe make the French consider being a bit more contrite.

Given that Britain would automatically repatriate over half our fish and hold all the cards under international law the French should wind their neck in if they want to have any agreements that they will desperately need at all.