George Eustice Resigns

Fishing for Leave have split feelings on the resignation of Fisheries Minister George Eustice in protest over Theresa May caving into remain MPs demands to vote to thwart or extend Brexit

On one hand as fellow Brexiteers we congratulate George Eustice for having the conviction and courage to resign putting country before career.

On the other we lament the departure of an able fisheries minister who knew his subject and was fair handed across the industry.

We look forward to seeing and working with Mr Eustice as we hope he can bring his knowledge to the back benches to see the Fisheries Bill he started born with the additional amendments necessary bolster it to ensure delivery of the rejuvenation of British fishing and coastal communities it can deliver and the public expect.

We hope other MPs heed Mr Eustice who is absolutely correct that taking no deal off the table thwarts any ability to rectify the current dire Withdrawal Deal.

With this being glaringly obvious it blows out the water the pretensions of thwarting leaving the EU with No deal being some safeguarding of the national interest.

He is right that any extension would be a ‘final humiliation’ and give the EU no incentive to behave honourably now or post-Brexit thinking they were dealing with a supine nation.

What we disagree with is support of the Withdrawal agreement to fulfill Brexit before the 29th of March to avoid an extension.

An extension because MPs won’t accept leaving would be dreadful and would be the death of British democracy – MPs must ponder this and its ramifications deeply.

A greater evil Is MPs caving in to consenting to this dire deal in the Withdrawal Agreement to be seen to fulfill Brexit when it would achieve no more than Brexit In Name Only and reduce Britain to an EU vassal state unable to escape.

In a sociopathic desperation by the establishment to bludgeon through a Withdrawal Agreement designed to chain Britain to the EU on worse terms than membership forever, Mrs May is trying to force MPs into choosing between being knee-capped (extension) or shot in the head (the Withdrawal Agreement).

A knee capping is thoroughly unpleasant, but the victim lives to be free another day.

There is a third painless option that involves neither the death of democracy or the death of Britain as an independent nation.

That’s MPs fulfilling the instruction of their electors to leave the EU cleanly as voted for to be on the 29th of March. Reverting to global WTO trading terms upon which 60% of Britain’s trade is already conducted with the rest of the world outside the EU.

Free of the current political pressure cooker of an acrimonious divorce the EU and UK could then reconcile themselves to a trade agreement as neighbours.

No one voted for a deal. They voted to leave. The public voted Brexit despite the siren voices of Project Fear warning of economic collapse.

MPs have a choice. Vote Down the Withdrawal Agreement; Vote to keep No Deal on the table; Vote down an extension fulfilling leaving the EU cleanly and preserving one of the oldest democracies in the world by doing so.

OR alternatively they can make Britain a vassal state by caving to the Withdrawal Agreement OR blow democracy out the water to kick the can a bit further down the road. We implore them all to choose wisely.