Although we are delighted to see the amendments that would have allowed MPs to force the government to extend Article 50 voted down in the House of Commons tonight, the whole episode reinforce how far from public sentiment Westminster has become along with how diplomatically deluded.

MPs rightfully swatted down the PMs dire deal in the Withdrawal Agreement 2 weeks ago.

The logical consequence of rejecting a deal is Britain quite comfortably leaves without any agreement. Moving to trade with the EU on global WTO terms as the rest of the world manages.

However, as MPs try every trick to thwart or delay a clean Brexit, the government (not unwillingly) is being ransomed by parliament and Tory Remain MPs to head towards Brexit In Name Only.

Malthouse Agreement– The Withdrawal Agreement minus the Backstop

FFL are thoroughly aggrieved at the Malthouse Agreement proposal of removing the Backstop so as MPs will vote through the majority of the Withdrawal Agreement – as the PM now has endorsement to go back to Brussels and pursue.

This has been designed to bring together remain and leave Conservatives to vote for a deal rather than to face down those remainers who won’t accept a clean Brexit as already voted and legislated for.

However, taking out the Backstop makes the WA no less red rotten.

The Transition period is the real killer. Not only for fishing, but for many other industries too. With the EU free to impose any detrimental rules it likes to harm British interests whilst we pay £39bn to talk about a trade deal.

Additionally, the WA minus the backstop still puts Britain in the EUs orbit to be inexorably sucked back in. All made easier by maintaining regulatory alignment for the Transition period.

It is associate membership which requires the reinstatement of a Mak 2 European Communities Act to allow EU law to flow in and be supreme in the UK. Immediately undoing the Withdrawal Act that closes this portal.

A pro-EU establishment in Whitehall will have this portal and the maintenance of full regulatory alignment with EU rules to enable them to pop Britain back into full membership using the deliberate bastardisation of Brexit as the excuse to say ‘leaving’ isn’t worth it.

The EU agreeing to a mitigated Withdrawal Agreement runs the risk of conceding a clean Brexit to get Remain MPs on board who in return get 90% of what they want with an andrex Brexit In Name Only.

The idea of taking a slightly modified WA deal and then fixing Brexit later is laughable – it is a retreat that negates Brexit which the establishment will ensure can’t and won’t be recovered from.

MPs Must Stop the Political Sophistry

We either leave now, as is the default legislative position, or are enveloped in a spiders web forever. Citing that there isn’t the political arithmetic for ‘no deal’ ignores this is self-imposed by all parties MPs. Against the British people in a referendum, GE and all polling in between.

It couldn’t be clearer, the people and parliament voted to leave and that was clearly stated as all EU institutions.

The SW1 bubble needs to remember; who its voters are; how many constituencies voted Tory instead of UKIP in 2015 to get a referendum; voted leave despite project fear; and then lent their votes on the basis of manifestos that promised to leave.

Mitigation of the WA through removing the Backstop appears to be short term political expediency of a pressure release to smooth over Brexit divisions rather than to face down the remainers who are in clear breech of their manifestos and to bring their duplicity  against the referendum vote to a head.

If Brexiteers blink now then Brexit is over and voters will hammer the political establishment for Brexit In Name Only anyway.

Fishing will be mangled in any Transition and with that emotive industry a host of coastal MPs with it. Perhaps that arithmetic should make Remainers bend rather than Brexiteers who are electorally and morally right to not to blink.

Those MPs now trying every measure to delay, halt or reverse Brexit need to get a grip.

Conservatives need to get a grip and accept achieving being out the EU with a lot of opt ins to appease the majority of their MPs remain sentiment is diametrically opposite to 70% of Leave supporting Tory voters and is not possible – you either sign up to obey EU rules or are free of them.

Parliament is increasingly against the people in its unwillingness to honour a record democratic vote.

If the establishment continue with nefarious attempts to abrogate Brexit – whilst haughtily dismissing millions of people’s long held convictions on British sovereignty as a fillip of ignorance led by a big red bus – then they will shake this countries 329 year old democratic constitutional settlement to the core.

For if voting’s pointless people will turn to other means of expression. MPs need to get off their high horse that’s creating a pressure cooker out the SW1 bubble not seen since the 1600s.

So for the sake of not only our fishing and coastal communities but for politics in this country we ask MPs to get a grip and accept that No Deal is No Problem and to leave on the 29th of March with a clean Brexit.

With Brexit being driven increasingly sideways we are fundraising to build a war chest for the fight till the finish.

All help is much appreciated – Many thanks –