SELL OUT! – 3 Year Transition & Another £20bn!

What can we say! We are heading for No Brexit through continual can kicking.

A 3 year transition will see the fishing industry eradicated as the EU will be free to cull us by enforcing detrimental rules we’d have signed up to swallowing.

They’ve every reason to wipe us out as they can then claim the “surplus” of our resources we would no longer have the fleet left to catch using UNCLOS Article 62.2.

And for what… if we can’t solve the fabricated backstop problem now how will another 3 years that will be carnage help..?

Downing Street and Mrs May are lining up for a total sell out and near another £20bn for the privilege!

The big question now is will the Brexiteers ‘take back control’? To avoid not only the fishing and coastal communities being mullered but the whole country..? #MayMustGo!