The Prime Minister Is Being Disingenuous On Leaving The CFP Yet Again

The Prime Minister Is Being Disingenuous On Leaving The CFP Yet Again

In response to a question by Sheryll Murray – MP for South East Cornwall – the Prime Minister yet again reiterated that the UK will leave the Common Fisheries Policy.

In response the PM also sought to engender some assurance by implying that the Backstop provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement are somehow acceptable regards fishing – they are anything but.

The UK does officially leave the disastrous Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) but the Withdrawal Agreement means immediately re-obeying the CFP for upto 4 years as part of the Transition period.

During this time the EU can enforce detrimental laws to cripple what’s left of Britain’s fishing fleet so as to claim our resources we would no longer have the fleet to catch, citing UNCLOS Article 62.2 to do so.

The PMs statement that we wouldn’t be under the CFP during the #Backstop Ignores the dire diplomatic position the Backstop puts Britain in;

– It can only be avoided by agreeing to continue current dire access & shares.

– It can only be got out of by agreeing the same – to continue current dire access & shares.

It is a Total trap where the EU succeeds in getting what it wants either way.

To add to this under the Backstop Article 6 the EU can close its markets to UK seafood to try to exert more pressure on a supine British establishment.

The PM is therefore dancing on the head of a pin with semantics blowing bubbles at ‘leaving’ the CFP.

The reality is a Transition and Backstop puts our fishing industry in grave peril and forces Britain towards permanent CFP associate membership as part of the already agreed draft Future Relationship terms

To avoid this desperate position we must Walk Away to a Clean Brexit and do so by ditching the PMs dire deal or variations of it which would amount to no more than a pig sporting different shades of lipstick.