EU Votes To Ban Pulse Fishing – Westminster Must Follow Suit

EU Votes To Ban Pulse Fishing – Westminster Must Follow Suit
Despite years of expensive campaigning by the EU fishing industry in Holland, and in a result that surprised many, the EU parliament voted today (Tuesday 16th) to ban Electric pulse fishing.

Under the mounting public outcry and revulsion at Electric pulse fishing MEPs inserted an amendment to ban the use of pulsed electric current for fishing which passed by 402 votes to 232, with 40 abstentions.

It was recently exposed that the EU ignored its own rules and scientific advice to allow EU vessels exemption to use pulse fishing. Since then fishermen have highlighted the significant impact they are seeing in the areas the controversial method is used.

Fishing for Leave are delighted for all the fishermen along the East coast of England including our members and supporters who have suffered the brunt of the detrimental impacts of pulse fishing.

Over previous weeks a multitude of fishermen’s groups and eNGOs have lobbied intensively in a concerted campaign, and fair credit must be given to Claire Nouvian at Bloom for a tremendous amount of work.

It’s now essential that Defra, Mr Gove and the government follow suit & ban pulse fishing in post-Brexit policy as we have concerns at EU companies registering more “Flagships” and masquerading as British to get around this ban here.

It isn’t good that Defra allowed EU “Flagships” registered in Britain to conduct pulse fishing under their watch with the significant “flagship” influences in the NFFO that purport to represent British fishermen but who’s membership is predominantly flagships being brought to bare.


It is to their shame that the NFFO will simply not condemn pulse fishing along with the rest of the British industry despite it ruining low impact fishermen’s traditional grounds off SE England – evidently their Dutch paymasters are more important than British coastal communities.

We hope Defra, Mr Gove and the government can prove their commitment to sustainable policy post-Brexit by including a ban on pulse fishing within British waters in the Fisheries Bill.

Fishing for Leave are glad to have been able to push the issue publicly in Britain and hope our efforts, (and those by Jerry Percy at LIFE), helped politicians realise the strength of public revulsion against pulse fishing and that the welfare of coastal communities and the seas we depend on are the first importance.