Great Coastal MPs Honouring Brexit – We Hope More Publicly Back What Their Constituents Voted For

We welcome the statement by Melanie Onn MP for Grimsby – an iconic fishing region – and her support for honouring the vote (as Labour promised) and for not supporting a 2nd referendum.

This is especially welcome given Ms Onn campaigned for Remain but feels, as a democrat she must respect her constituents choice.

And what a choice given Grimsby is one town that could benifit tremendously from fishing being rejuvanted by Brexit and decent new independent British policy.

We hope even more coastal MPs will publicly affirm to their constituents that they willl respect the British people’s vote to Leave (& their manifesto promises to honour this) and won’t back a 2nd Referendum to overturn or nullify the first – especially pertinant given recent parliamentary machinations.

A clean Brexit can (under international law) automatically repatriate around £2bn of southern North Sea fisheries resources. This, along with other wider North Sea stocks, has the potential to rejuvenate Grimsby with an industry worth £100s of millions.

Supporting an already strong processing sector, one that became dependent on Nordic imports, with a wide range of British seafood in demand both domestically and globally.

With the right Fisheries Bill legislation for post-Brexit policy this can easily be realised by legally ensuring;

– A fair distribution of repatriated resources to ALL fishermen and communities;
– A strong ‘economic link’ to ensure British boats are majority British owned, British crewed and land in Britain
– A ban on shore based ‘slipper skipper’ fishing entitlement renters milking active fishermen.
– A policy with sustainable discard free management, limiting fishing time at sea in return for all catches being landed and accurately recorded
– AND support to help rebuilding of infrastructure, training and incentivising fishing as a career.

Achieving the above will allow a British industry, and towns such as Grimsby, to boom as a sustainable world leader the equal of Norway.

It is a tremendous prize and we urge MPs to grasp rather than surrender or thwart it – we hope MPs will publicly give their commitment to fulfilling a clean Brexit that repatriates our fisheries on the 29th March and not supporting a dire deal such as the PMs which surrenders our fishing to continued EU regulatory influence.