Whitstable Fishermen Saying How It Is On Sophie Ridge

 Whitstable Fishermen Saying How It Is on Sophie Ridge on Sunday


The disastrous CFP has hammered coastal communities.

60% of catches in British waters are by EU boats. The UK receives 25% of quotas but provides half the waters

The failed quota system forces fishermen to discard 1000s tons to find what they can keep.

The 2019 EU discard ban addresses the discard symptom not the quota cause. Now, on exhausting their lowest quota vessels must tie up – models suggest 60% of the British fleet will go bankrupt from early closures.

We need a Clean Brexit that automatically repatriates a £6-8bn industry and allows discard free British management that allows fishermen to keep all catches in exchange for a cap on fishing time at sea.

Then we can supply a hungry EU (& global) market with prime British seafood they demand, rebuilding a thriving industry that can rejuvenate coastal communities with policy that husbands our greatest renewable resource for generations to come.

The Withdrawal Agreement traps us in re-obeying the CFP post Brexit for upto 4 years and then drives us toward CFP associate membership forever as per the terms of the Future Relationship which the EU will demand obedience to for any trade deal.

#WalkAway NOW to a Clean Brexit!

#NoDealNoProblem #CoastalCommunitiesCount #SaveBritainsFish