Fishermen Working To Publicly Mobilise

Fishing for Leave are working like trojans with members, supporters and all other fishermen right around the country. To publicly mobilise and show our absolute disgust and heart break at our own government capitulating and sacrificing Britain’s fishing grounds and coastal communities to continued EU mismanagement.

We need YOUR support as the public, please keep your eyes open for what we have planned and turn out and get behind our fight to stop what’s left of our fishing industries being decimated in the 21month transition when our great nation will be an EU puppet state.

Taking back control can see a £6-8bn industry creating tens of thousands of jobs in rural coastal communities, instead the government is sacrificing us to an EU who has every reason to cull our fleet.

Any fishermen wishing to participate or help, get in touch;


If you want to show your support on the day please order a flag or t-shirt asap

Fishermen are working their socks off to push back against this Brexit sell out, if you can help support us please do, any and all help is hugely appreciated.