EU Fisherman Say UK Should Stick with Current ‘fair’ Deal!

Fishing for Leave derided the document by the European Fisheries Alliance that calls for a ‘Common vision for the future of the European Fisheries Industry after Brexit’

EU fishermen have banded together incredibly claiming that the UK gets a ‘fair deal’ and should share the status quo with the EU upon withdrawal!

That they have set up an Alliance shows that they are exceedingly worried and are going to fight tooth and nail.

Our government must resist and cannot leave any door ajar such as the London Convention or by adopting the terms and conditions of the CFP with the Great Repeal Bill.

Fishing is going to become one of the great battlefronts and acid tests on Brexit and the EU industry is staring to warmup for the fight.

The EU industries is in consternation that they are about to lose Britain’s rich grounds that they have pilfered to build an industry on the back of to the detriment of British fishermen.

Figures by FFL using EU data show the EU industry takes the majority of their catches from UK waters (54%) representing 59% of the catches in UK waters. This is worth an average of £711million annually based on MMO average prices for the last 5 years.

Is the relationship of “shared stocks and grounds occupying a special place” one of we give and they take?

It is nearly incredulous for them to brazenly say that “it’s one grounded in an appreciation of reciprocity” when the UK industry has been on the bitter receiving end of a bad deal.

What legal obligation or strategic benefit is there for Britain to allow the continuation of  current access and share outs so the majority of our resources to be taken for free for little in return aside from these sudden loving feelings of special places and reciprocity?

Where were these sentiments when 60% of the UK fleet was scrapped, generations old fishing families driven to the wall and 100 year old communities decimated?

They claim the UK “should strive for a mutually beneficial agreement – based on our shared history and obligations.. acknowledging the benefits of existing co-operation” 

What benefits does the UK receive from this arrangement and their claim that “current allocations adequately reflect” the situation?

This is piffle, the EU receives a disproportionate, unfair 75% share of the fish allocations around the UK although Britain has 48% of the fisheries areas and can claim 61% of TACs post Brexit areas based on 61% of catches being in our waters.

This is like a mugger saying to the victim they should be grateful for only half robbing them and that they should be friends now they’re sharing 50/50!

There is no legal basis for a continuation of current access nor allocations as both are derived from the CFP, aside from access granted under the London Convention which looks set to be scrapped due to the efforts of FFL.

Upon withdrawal the disastrous CFP shall automatically “cease to apply” to the UK as the EU has agreed in Section 3 of Article 50 and the UK will revert to international law under UNCLOS 3.

We will be free to manage our own waters with no historical access or allocations to honour unless the government monumentally betrays Brexit and the industry by adopting and continuing, the terms of the CFP with the Great “Repeal” Bill.

The CFP of “Equal access to a common resource”, the EU quota system and relative stability share outs of them that have been massively misconstrued to the detriment of the UK will cease to apply.

UNCLOS allows the UK to rightfully claim our fair share of the internationally agreed TACs and thereafter to manage our share and our waters in any manner the UK sees fit.

It will be the responsibility of the EU to readjust its over inflated TAC shares to reflect the loss of the UK’s rich fishing ground so it is sustainable under UNCLOS 3.

The EFA then gets to the point claiming that as the UK exports 60% of our fish to the EU that we should continue with current arrangements unless we want to lose continued market access.

Sadly the old truism applies that you have to be able to catch it to sell it. Consequently it is mad for the UK to allow a huge level of resources to be taken to this market for free by EU boats.

Contrary to the EUs claims that market access is a diplomatic weakness for the UK they are actually highlighting that it is a strength.

60% of UK fish going to EU markets shows that there is a high level of demand for UK fish which will become more so if the UK reclaims the 59% of fish resources the EU takes for free from UK waters undermining UK market share.

How long will EU processers and merchants stand in solidarity as their market is chocked of supplies to appease EU fishermen who want to have their cake and eat it?

With 500million hungry mouths to feed the EU needs our food source and cannot afford to cut off its nose to spite its face.

The EU Fishermen’s Alliance have actually highlighted the supremely strong position the UK has even with regards to markets.

Our government should realise the position of strength on fisheries with nothing to negotiate on the reclamation of a £6.3bn industry that can rejuvenate coastal communities and be managed more sustainably,

The government must show its resolve on “Brexit meaning Brexit” by not caving to any demands to appease the EU.